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Future Gear and Gadgets...

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The viewfinder of a camera is the component that directly interacts with the user.  Fuji decided that is where they will focus their design and engineering efforts. 

The transparent screen doubles as a display as well as a viewfinder.  The lens is the little black round thing on the left.  The super thin form factor is not too bad either.  One thing that is not too clear ... where is the battery?  Oh, yea... I don't think it has a CompactFlash slot :-)

  Fuji FinePix Concept

On e very October 1st I will be taking a look into future gadgets...by future, I mean really cool ideas that may never see the light of day!

How about a camera that is mostly screen?  I think that qualifies.

If your Japanese is good or you have a good page translater ...go here to read the article.

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