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Then new steel reinforced cage appears to be hold up well.  We have added some branches from the vines so the parents can perch on the outside as well.

We had not been paying much attention to the finches until we heard a bit of commotion at the front when the UPS guy walked up with some deliveries.  Apparently Mom and Pop Finches didn't take too kindly to the guy in brown dropping off packages underneath the nest.

We climbed up and got some pics of the little guys at one week and two weeks old.  They are pretty active by Week Two.

It is Week Three and these guys looked ready to take their first flight.  We are not sure if we'll be around to catch them on their maiden voyage, but we wish them luck!

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By Wan Chi Lau

We have a pair of finches that come back to the RainyDayGarden and nest every year. 

A few years ago, their nest was raided by some starlings.  Some here (you know who you are... the same folks who have trouble thinning out seedlings) insisted we put up protection of some sort for the finches.

Well it appears the new steel cage is working fine.  A new charm of baby finches are happily bunched up and chirping their little hearts out... much to the curiosity of the office cat.

Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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