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July 4 ,2006...

Last June a few folks from the RainyDayGarden made a trip to Logee's.  One of the plants they purchased was called a Passiflora or Passion Fruit plant.  This plant has the most amazing flowers...the bloom below opened yesterday.

We had rigged up the Apple iSight to take some time-lapse photos of the bloom.  The capture frequency still needs some adjustment.  We hope to capture a better time-lapse series today. 

Not everyone will be able to replicate our sophisticated setup, but the KEY is to put the camera/plant somewhere out of the way.  The capture software's current schedule is one image every 15 minutes.

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By Wan Chi Lau

We RainyDayGardeners buy a lot of our plants at the local nurseries and Home Depot. However, some of the more exotic plants are just not available at these neighborhood outlets.

Our friend Bill has been amassing an interesting collection of tropical container plants (banana, coffee, guava, and citrus). He told us the source of all of his tropical foliage came from a nursery in CT called Logee's.

The plant with the wildest looking bloom we purchased at Logee's is the Passiflora.  The flower only last a day, but every bloom is spectacular.

We are going to try to get some time-lapse series of the cycle this year.  We'll post them as we get them.

Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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