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Mar 11,2008

The interns were scanning Craigslist last week and came upon a listing in New Hampshire for a Meade telescope which looked good, but didn't come with any model number.  Along with the mystery Meade in the photos was a heavy duty tripod and a lot of accessories (filters, camera mount, eyepieces).  However, since it was a Schmidt-Cassegrain design we knew it was not an ETX series scope.

It was decided that the hour drive up North was worth the effort since Burt (the owner) sounded friendly on the phone and assured us the scope was in "like new" condition.  Burt was not exaggerating, the scope was pristine.  We made an offer and took the entire collection.

We managed to pack the entire lot into the Boxster (which meant someone hugged a tripod for 40 miles) and will be sorting out the pieces this week.   After some initial investigations, we think the scope is a Meade 2045.  If you think you know more about this unit or the accessories, drop us a note.  The interns could use the help! - Wan Chi Lau


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