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One Sweep is the One by Carolyn Donovan

I hate cleaning. I love a clean house, and have been known to clean the grooves of our sliding shower doors with a toothbrush, but I long for those days when a magic fairy (Mom) used to snap her fingers and have everything spic and span. Well, that’s how she did it, didn’t she?

My Arch Cleaning Nemesis

I possess a dislike of our kitchen floor, primarily because no one, including my childhood fairy, can get clean (not that I've asked her, I just know it would be beyond her powers as well). It’s linoleum, or something like it, and is about 15 years old. It’s cream-colored which I thought was brown until I washed it for the first time, with flecks of pinky-salmon. It also has an embossed pattern in it, approximately resembling tile. Embossed, cream-colored floors can get very dirty, and every bit of dirt and, um, basil stems stay where they fall and feel very, what's the word, gross, under foot.

This is a "soft" floor; every high heel that has ever traipsed across it has left its mark. So in addition to the original embossment, our kitchen floor has been further, let us say, enhanced. Embossed, cream-colored, pitted floors can make you feel like a cleaning failure, since there is no thing in this solar system that will get in there and pick up the gunge.

Needless to say, it was with both hope and trepidation that I bought the One Sweep Broom.

Can Polymers Turn You Into a Pollyanna?

The One Sweep Broomis true to its name! Its head is made of rubber (they call it “space-age polymers”), as is its bristles (although most people would call them “nubbies”).

These things sweep away everything. And since they’re electro-static, the stuff you’re sweeping stays on the floor. There are no dust clouds at all. The One Sweep Broom sweeps away cat hair, dirt, and those pesky basil stems, all in one go. The handle is long enough (56 inches) that you don’t have to bend, and the broom surface is so good at what it does that you don’t need to exert a lot of effort to sweep things up.

This broom is Making Me Obsessed

There’s something about seeing the dirty fruits of your cleaning labor that spurs you towards an entirely clean house. Once you’ve One Sweeped the kitchen, you say to yourself, “Hey, I wonder how much stuff this thing can pick up off the (wooden) living room floor,” and off you go. Then when you see how much stuff the One Sweep has collected off the living room floor, you think about the tiled bathroom floors, the stairs, the upper floor, and possibly the cement basement floor.

The One Sweep has a squeegee at the top of the head; just flip the broom over and use the squeegee to quick dry a damp floor. Because of the pitted linoleum, I can’t vouch for this feature…

Just remember that you need to sweep toward you with the One Step; even though it looks like a push-broom, it is not one, and pushing the broom away from you is actually in impossibility.

RainyDay recommends this broom mightily. $10 or less.



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Photography by Wan Chi Lau