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Smart Spin Storage Systemby Carolyn Donovan

Okay, I admit it: I coveted the Smart Spin Storage System, the spinning, one-top-fits-all, three-container sized, self-contained container set that is on “As Seen on TV” (yes, they have a website). It just looked so, organized. And I so longed to be organized.

Even though there are just two of us in the house, our storage containers took up an entire cupboard, and the cupboard was always a mess. While it’s true that I am more the bachelor of the two (I can step over a pile of clothes on the floor, Wan can’t), this wreck-of-the-Hesperus style of storage container, uh, storage, drove me demented. And so, without discussion of any sort, I went out and bought the Smart Spin.

It really is about the size of a coffee maker, it really does spin, and it really pulls out for easy access. The lids really do lock, and really do fit all three container sizes. It is very neat, very tidy, and very organized. There are four sections on the carousel, one for each of the container sizes and one for the tops, and it’s a breeze to pick the size you want.

There are 49 pieces to the Smart Spin Storage System:

  • Smart Spin Carousel Holder
  • 8 - 8 oz Clear Containers
  • 8 - 16 oz Clear Containers
  • 8 - 24 oz Clear Containers
  • 24 Locking Lids
  • Instructions

The carousel requires assembly, and although the instruction page and exploded diagram makes you feel like you’re putting together a nuclear power plant, once you get the first section holder in (and you maybe use a container for figuring out which slot is for the section you’re working on and which is for another) it takes maybe 83 seconds to put it together.

The containers all came in bundles, with a Styrofoam strip separating each item for easy removal. I would suggest a quick rinse before using to get rid of any residue. The containers are not clear, as the ad states, but slightly opaque; you can almost see what’s in the containers (“oh yes, those are blueberries”) but sometimes you have to pop open the lid to make sure (“oh, that’s where I put the couscous”).

Be aware that the stated sizes are a touch exaggerated; if you fill the containers up to the tippy top, then you will the stated sizes, but realistically, people will fill it up only to the lip, so the amounts are more like 7 oz., 15 oz., and 22 oz. (I measured).

Even though 22 ounces may sound like a lot of storage, it’s surprisingly small. The only real drawback to the SmartSpin system is that it’s designed for small pieces of things (or liquids). You will frustrate yourself trying to store leftover vegetable tempura in these, but you will be able to store vegetable soup.

What the SmartSpin is great for, though, is lunch. These containers are perfectly sized for bringing your lunch, and the lids really lock (you use both hands to lock the lids: one hand for the container, the other for the lid). You can fill up four containers with different items, pack them in a bag, and have a great lunch.

The Smart Spin containers are also excellent for storing:

  • Onion halves
  • Chopped peppers
  • Tomato slices
  • Blueberries
  • Couscous
  • White bean dip
  • Chunks of cheese
  • Leftover pancake mix

These are just some of the things we’ve used the SmartSpin for.

All of the containers and tops are dishwasher safe, although I would suggest top shelf only.

RECOMMENDATION: absolutely. I even threw out most of my other storage containers! Less than $20.



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Photography by Wan Chi Lau