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Another fun aspect of going to these car shows is the chance to sit in all the expensive sports cars.  I had a chance to compare the Miata, Nissan 300Z, Porsche Boxster, Lexus, Corvette, Ferrari, and Noble.

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The Nissan 300Z had really well placed guages with a nice finish on the trim and fittings.  The car felt big and beefy for a convertible... not sure how that will translate in handling on the road.

The Ferraris on the other hand looked fast just sitting there! Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to actually sit in one.  However, I did get to speak with Roy McCluskey of the Atlantic Sports Car Company who represents Noble Automotive Ltd. in England.

I knew nothing about Noble... but Roy gave me a quick history of both the designer and the car.  If you visit the show... definitely seek out the back room and check out this awesome car!

  NE International Car Show

I went to the New England International Auto Show today...not just because I had a discount coupon but because my 1988 Pathfinder is showing its age and I wanted to check out some possible replacements. 

The H2 by Hummer is a possible replacement... but do I really need the machine gun turret option?  On the other end of the spectrum is the Mini Cooper from BMW. 

I think you can fit the Mini in the trunk of the Hummer.  Both of them had a really comfortable interior.  The H2 puts you on top of all the action.  The Mini lets you get around and park in the smallest spaces. 

Chevy took a totally new tack and showed the SSR.  It is a fusion of a sports car + truck.  It has an open roof, a large trunk, and an aggressive front.  My personal favorite SUV/truck from the show was the Subaru Baja.  The size is right.  It is not too big, too tall, or too expensive... under $25K fully loaded.

I loved the half pickup, have car concept.  It feel just like a sedan in front, sits four comfortably, and has an open section in the back to haul stuff.  I will seriously consider this one when it is time to trade in the Pathfinder!

Here is one car that would be hard to trade in!  Porsche had their GT-3 displayed on a rotating platform.  They will let you sit in it for $120K :-)

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