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We should probably describe what this "thing" is...

It is a remotely mounted video lens, coupled to a LANC trigger, piping digital video to a DV camcorder housed in the backpack.  Oh..OK... your next question is probably WHY????  

Well, it allows us to record what we see just by moving our head and hitting the remote trigger.  The lens can also be mounted on the backpack strap on the shoulder, on a helmet, on a bike, in the car....you get the idea :-)

You can go to the Viosport site and check out some of the videos :-)

We have some detail instructions on how to make your own AdventureCAM pack.  We are also looking into putting together a setup using an MPEG4 recorder, flash memory, and an extended power pack.  The video quality will me much lower with MPEG4.  However, using a MPEG4 recorder and a removeable flash card will greatly simplify the process of getting the video ready for webcasts.

  VioSport Adventure Cam

We completed this project a while ago, but have not gotten around to writing it up until now.  I don't remember exactly what got it started... but it ended up with the contraption you see here.   This project would have been a lot harder had we not come across the VioSport folks.

You see... they are exactly the kind of folks that understand the NEED for such a setup.  So they put together an entire Adventure Cam kit for folks like us!

Of course, as soon as we purchased the kit (like the same week) you see here, the Viosport folks came out with a watersport versions!  We have not upgraded yet, but we are thinking about it... would definitely be fun to take this with us windsurfing!

Their kit comes with the following : video lens, LANC trigger, rechargeable battery, mounts, and cabling.  We supplied the DV camcorder, the backpack, and the small internal bag to hold small parts.


1. Overview

2. Camera Setup

3. Backpack Setup

4. NeurosCAM Setup

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