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It took us about 70 minutes to get from Boston to Logee's.  Logee's is a family business specializing in container plants since 1892.   Some of the plants in the nursery ARE over a hundred years old!

The narrow doorway opened out to a series of interconnected greenhouses.  It was a little disorienting at first, but we quickly regained our bearings. 

The greenhouses stretched on and on.  There were huge varieties of vines and climbers, plants for patio, sunrooms, and windowsills.

Some of the flowers were as big as our heads, some the size of our hands.  All were amazing.  According to our friend Bill, the pods on in the left bottom photo have hallucinogenic properties... we took his words for it.

We were more taken with the "lollipop" plant (no hallucinogenic properties) on the right so we purchased a 2" version.  After a few weeks, the plant has done quite well in the RainyDayGarden!  When it gets big enough, we hope to root some cuttings and make our own "lollipop" factory :-)

We also purchased a Passiflora or Passion Flower.  This is our first experience with this amazing plant.  Our 2" version bloomed a few days ago!  Logee's has about 30 different varieties of these Passiflora!



Danielson, CT

By Wan Chi Lau

We RainyDayGardeners buy a lot of our plants at the local nurseries and Home Depot.

However, some of the more exotic plants are just not available at these neighborhood outlets.  One option is to send away for them.  The problem we've found in ordering plants from catalogs is it is a crap shoot... you never know what you are getting.  I like to personally pick out the ones that put in the garden.

So...the solution is to pack ourselves into the car and head out on a roadtrip to pick them out ourselves!  But where to go???

Our friend Bill has been amassing an interesting collection of tropical container plants (banana, coffee, guava, and citrus).  He told us the source of all of his tropical foliage came from a nursery in CT called Logee's.

We immediately consulted our trusty GPS, determined that Logee's was within our 90 minute driving window, packed up Bill's car, and headed out in search of our own exotic tropical container plants.


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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