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Things I Love: The Many Collections of William I. Koch

By Wan Chi Lau

If you happened by Boston's MFA front entrance on Huntington Ave, you may have caught sight of a couple of yachts sitting on the Museum's front lawn. 

The MFA is hoping the yachts outside will draw attention to the Koch exhibition inside. 

Once inside, visitors will find Botero sculptures waiting to welcome them.

Sculptures, paintings, artifacts from the Old West,...and yachts.  These are some of the things William Koch loved, collected, and shared with us in this spirited exhibition at the MFA.  It'll be at the MFA until November 13, 2005.


Other MFA Reviews:

- Photography (Ansel Adams)

- Yachts (Installation, models)

- Cars (Speed)

- Swords (Lethal Elegance)


Other Panorama:

- Photography (Ansel Adams Screens)

- Guns (Old West)

- Yachts (models)


Photography by Wan Chi Lau      
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