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August 2nd

The partially disassembled vessels were on either sides of the main lawn.  The red hull is from the Il Moro di  Venezia.  The white hull is from the 1992 America's Cup victor, America3.

When fully assembled, the yachts will reach 124 feet (taller than the museum) into the sky and weigh over 25 tons (55,000 lbs)... most of it due to the keel!

August 3rd

By the time we returned, the crew had already lifted the hull on to the stand.  From what we heard, it was quite an amazing sight.  Not as challenging as a space walk to pull the gap filler from the underbelly of the space shuttle perhaps, but right up there in terms of excitment.

You can tell the crew was very serious about this job.  They checked and rechecked all of their planned moves before they even considered touching those hydralic crane controls.

The mast will be going up next... hopefully we'll be lucky enough to catch that installation.  We are going back with lawn chairs tomorrow :-)

August 11

We stopped by the MFA this morning to check on the progress of the Koch yacht installation.  Both hulls have been positioned into place.  The mast for both vessels have been installed.

We tried to take a panorama of the installation but it did not do it justice.  You MUST go check this out!!!

August 16

We had an event at the MFA this AM so we thought it would be a good time to check in on the installation.  The tilt of the vessel lets you get a look at the deck of the yachts. The boom is on as well as some of the other fittings. 




Yachts drop anchor at the MFA

By Wan Chi Lau

If you happened by Boston's MFA today, you may have caught sight of a couple of yachts sitting on the Museum's front lawn.  If you were REALLY lucky, you may have been there when they were lifting the hulls onto the supports.

Over the next few days, the yachts will be assembled.  They will remain on display through out the duration of the "Things I Love: The Many Collections of William I. Koch" exhibit.

The MFA is hoping the yachts will draw some attention to the Koch exhibition.  RainyDayMagazine will do our part to help get the buzz going!   

So, we will be there over the next few days to capture the assembly of the yachts and other bits that we think you may enjoy seeing. 

Come back daily to check on the installation's progress.

Photography by Wan Chi Lau      
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