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Day One

It is great to see Macworld back in Boston again this year.  RainyDayMagazine will be providing onsite coverage until it ends on Thursday!

We went early yesterday morning and registered... beating out the CRUSH.  If you are planning on going and can get there early to get your badge, we would recommend you doing so!  The exhibit doors at the Hynes opened at 11AM.  We got there a few minutes after the doors opened and the floor was already mobbed.  Granted the show is now much smaller without Apple's presence, but it still brings out the local Mac devotees! See you there :-)  If you see us on the floor, stop us and say "Hi" !!!

We found some interesting products.  However, we really didn't have much time to look at them closely.  We'll mention them here so you can go check them out if they interest you.

The first item that caught our eye was the Supacam DV-6.  They are selling it at the show for $288.  It appeared to be a really good price...especially if the camcorder measures up to the listed specs: 6 Megapixel digital camera, MPEG-4 DV camcorder, MP3 player, and voice recorder.  However, as we said in our CVS DV Camcorder review... the proof is in the images/movies.  So until we get to see some samples, we'll remain "optimistically skeptical" :-)

Like all Mac related shows, the iPod accessories vendors were also out in force.  There were a bunch of iPod/iShuffle vendors... after a while, their differences all seem to blur.  The following few made an impression on us: ToughSkin iPod cases for him by Speck and fashionable iPod cases for her designed by Joallyn Cartwright of Delapod.  For the iShuffle crowd, iKeychain and SkinTight have protective hard cases made of aluminum in a variety of colors.

if you want to really customize the cover of your ipod or laptop, the folks at Etchamac will custom laser etch any scene you want onto the skin of your favorite device.  It wasn't clear to us whether you need to send them your laptop or just the cover...or do you just buy a cover and put it on yourself.  I'll ask tomorrow :-)

We only saw about half of the exhibits today because we had some sessions we wanted to attend.  We'll report on the other half of the show tomorrow.


Macworld 2005


By Wan Chi Lau


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