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Day Two

Day 2 at Macworld Boston was just as busy... the crowd gathered at 11AM waiting for the doors to open.  The sessions were well attended and the floor had pretty good traffic all day long.

We walked around some more and found some other interesting items.  A lot of the major vendors were not at the show, so it really gave some of the smaller companies a chance to stand out.  We spent some time chatting with them so they could show off their wares.

The CableYoYo folks had a $4.99 item that was kind of clever.  It is a stacking cable management system that will help you untangle that snarl of wires behind the monitor.

We were also quite impressed with Lowel's small portable lighting system.  If you sell small items on EBay, this is something you might want to consider.  It will be a big help in throwing a nice even light on you objects for those digital shots.

If you are rough with you iPod, but don't want the thickness of a protective case, you may want to consider the InvisibleShield protective film.  This REALLY TOUGH plastic film was developed to protect helicopter blades.  As you can see in the photo above, scratch protection differed greatly on the film and no film side.

We were pleasantly surprised to see JBL at the show.  For home audiophiles, JBL had long been a name associated with the high end of the market.  They were showing some of the newer desktop and iPod compatible speakers.  When JBL entered the computer audio market, they brought their considerable expertise and high end quality with them in their offerings.

Most Mac folks are familiar with the iSub/SoundSticks combo.  The new version is now fully analog and has a miniplug that will directly take audio out from the iPod.  They also have other subwoofer / satellite speaker offerings (Encounter, Creature) at different price points. 

JBL also has a series of speakers that dock directly with the iPod, including first generation units!  The base has a pass through connector that will allow it to hook directly to the computer.

There are also more generic units that will take an audio out from any source (iPods, laptops, MP3 players, etc...)  These unit are very compact and will easily fit in a backpack for travel.  They feel solid, well made, and of high quality material.  Sometimes it's hard to tell from the photos just how well constructed they are compared to offering from other companies whose roots are not from the high fidelity audio world.

We would have missed this last item if it wasn't for Samik outside with the LCD panel floating over his head :-)  He pointed us to the Rimage booth showing the Rimage 360i CD/DVD burner and label printer.  This unit will automatically burn the CD/DVD AND print the labels right on the discs...perfect for folks that want a professional look for a small batch of discs.


Macworld 2005


By Wan Chi Lau


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