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RainyDayMagazine had heard the Erik Taylor had recently moved to Arlington MA and has found new digs for his massage therapy practice. 

We've known Erik for many years from practicing with him at Shobu Aikido of Boston.  Naturally, we wanted to be the first to interview Erik and check out his new place... before the grand open house on Sunday October 23rd (2pm - 5pm)!

Martial Arts and Massage Therapy... different sides of the same coin?

Erik: Exactly.  I have found there are very close similarities between the basic principles of Aikido and Massage Therapy.  Both utilize the same basic stance to properly position the body for leverage and balance.  The hands channels the energy from the "center" to properly apply the body's weight to do the work.

Does one help you with the other?

Erik: Definitely!  Aikido is all about blending with and changing, not clashing against, the "intentions" of your opponent.  In massage therapy, similar attitudes will sometimes get much better results than direct manipulation.  For example...working the muscles in the surrounding area, drawing the tension away, can have as much effect as working the tightness directly.

Sensitivity in massage therapy has also help my Aikido.  I've been able to be more in tune and better sense the intentions of my Aikido partners... which in turn, has help me increase my sensitivity in my massage therapy practice.

What types of massage therapy do you offer?

Erik: Shiatsu, Swedish, and NeuroMuscular.  I also offer massages for all stages of pregnancy...and am getting a lot of practice because Amanda and I are expecting our first child any day now :-)


If you live close to Arlington, you should definitely take advantage of Erik's introductory rates!  Once word gets around, it will be a lot harder to book an appointment :-)

If you live elsewhere in the country, but DO have friend in MA... send them a gift certificate for a shiatsu massage by Erik. They will THANK you for it!




Arlington, MA

By Wan Chi Lau

The folks at RainyDayMagazine met Erik Taylor about three years ago at Shobu Aikido of Boston

Erik was holding a wooden bokken (practice sword) and was practicing his kata (forms) on the mat. 

Erik is a big guy...well over 6 feet tall.  The height is an advantage in Aikido... sometimes for Erik and sometimes for his opponent.  In Erik's massage therapy practice, it is an advantage for both him and his clients.

Erik has just set up his new practice at 77 Everett Steet in Arlington (Massage-By-Erik.com). 

Click here to get a panoramic tour of the new office.


Photography by Wan Chi Lau      
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