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The case itself is small (5.5"Long x 6.5"Wide x 3"Deep). The sizing of the front padded pocket was pretty much perfect to allow quick access to the kind of gear we would carry on most outings. The front padded compartment can easily accommodate a few gadgets. We had no problems fitting an iPod and a cell phone in there for our trips around town. It would easily accommodate a thin digital camera as well, but we needed our's to take the pictures :-)

The padded pocket was also large enough to handle our Canon DV camcorder. I've always thought most DV Camcorder cases are just WAY TOO BIG! Which is a reason why I do not own one. This bag is the first multi-purpose bag that had a compartment large enough to handle the camcorder without it being too big to use everyday.

To make sure the bag stayed with you during your travels, Norazza used quality fittings and construction throughout. The belt loop has velcro on both sides of the loop...giving the wearer multiple options (quick release or secured loop-through). The shoulder strap is adjustible, padded, with a swivel detachable clasp... a quality feature not found even in some of the more expensive bags.

The Tri-Fold gets its name from the foldout sections built behind the front padded pocket. Once unfolded, you will have access to the other 13 compartments... more than enough to sort, separate, or hide "whatever". The cash and credit cards can be secured by zipping the main zipper at the top.

Passport and IDs can be easily displayed or accessed via clear zippered sections.

If I could wish for one additional feature... I would add some place to put a pen... like the one on my current bag (left image below).

I tried sticking the pen in the ApeCase (right image above) along the fold, on the strap, in the front pocket, but none of it worked well. A nice thin pocket along the outside on one of the folds would be a perfect additon to this excellent travel companion!




Ape Case

By Wan Chi Lau

The ApeCase TriFold Traverler is a great little bag from Norazza. The bag was built with the needs of the traveler in mind. It has 14 separate pockets, most with zippers.

The case is made with strong stitching, water resistant materials, and high quality fittings (straps, zippers, padding).

We used this bag for about a week in a bunch of different outings (quick trips, day trips, short hikes) and it performed exactly as we had hoped... flawlessly.

We'll take this on an extended outing this summer and report back on its performance. Come back in a few months and check out the review again to see how it held up "In The Wild"!

Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Excellent

Usability- Good

Durability- Test in progress

Price- Fantastic (List price: $30)




Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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