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Tekkeon's myPowerAll came with all the pieces needed to carry, connect, and recharge the unit.  The first thing we noticed was how light weight the whole thing was... the whole deal couldn't have been a bit more than a pound. 

The next thing we noticed was the high quality of the construction... nice trim detail, solid positive feel to the switches and buttons, and a leather carrying pouch with a magnetic closure.

The design and fit of the leather pouch was excellent... cutouts at the end for access to switch and cable connectors, clear plastic window on top to see the LED and voltage selector.  Nice.

We charged the battery overnight (only 4 hours was needed according to the directions) so it would be full and ready for our FirstLook tests.  A quick press on the button... all the LEDs came on, indicating a fully charged battery.  We are good to go.

The myPowerAll came with 8 different power plug tips.  The design of the tip/cable allowed the user to select whether the center was positive or negative just by how it was connected to the cable. 

Most devices have an imprint on the side next to the power socket to indicate what the device expected.  In the CD player picture below, the device expected the tip center to be positive.  So, first we found a tip that was a size fit for the socket. 

Next we plugged the tip into the cable (according to the directions supplied) with (+) aligned to (+) so the tip would be positive.  Finally, we select the appropriate voltage for this device (6 Volts).

The unit powered right up with no problems.  Great... let's try something else.  How about a LCD TV?  We repeated the same steps (size, tip orientation, select voltage) and the TV powered right up.  Hey... this is great!

We just reviewed the JBL OnTour speakers for the iPod... wonder if the myPowerAll would work with that?  AND... we noted the JBL expected the tip to be negative :-) No problems! 

OK... lets try something bigger.  How about a laptop? We have two Sonys and an old Apple G3.  

Laptops are tricky because they often have proprietary connectors.  Lucky for us, the myPowerAll collection included a plug which fit the Sony Picturebook.   We didn't have time to run down the Picturebooks battery for this test so we took the Sony battery off the laptop.  Some laptops will not run without their original batteries attached... it was not a problem with the Sony Picturebook.

The back of the Picturebook labeled it as a 16V 2.7A device... so we had our fingers crossed when we switched the myPowerAll to 14V and hit the power button.  The laptop gave the familiar "ping" and powered up.

We were not so lucky with the older Sony Vaio (Model PCG N-505VE) and the Apple G3 laptops.  Both of these units have proprietary power connectors :-(  If you want to see whether your favorite gadget is supported or if there is an adapter for it... go here.

Our FirstLook tests showed us a few things about the myPowerAll.  We liked the overall size, feel, and quality construction of the unit.  We found it will fit most of the NEWER gadgets with the round type power plug.  We think it will save quite a bit of room in out travel bag so we are excited to see how this device will hold up "In The Wild"!!!

In the RainyDayMagazien FirstUse review, we'll tell test just how long various devices will run when hooked to this battery.  If all goes well, our travel pack will be able to shed some weight and gain some room... for more gear :-)




myPowerAll (MP3300)

By Wan Chi Lau

Most of the gadgets we have around the RainyDayMagazine office is portable.  Most of them will run for a few hours without the need to recharge.  All of them come with their own AC adapter/recharger "brick".

Anyone who has traveled with more than one of these portable gadgets (CD/DVD players, LCD TV, laptops, MP3 players) knows what a pain it is to have to bring along all those AC adapters.

The folks at Tekkeon did and decided to DO something about it.

The created the Tekkeon myPowerAll Universal Rechargeable Battery.

In this review, we are going to take our FirstLook at the Tekkeon myPowerAll from box to setup. 


1. First Look

2. First Use

3. In The Wild


Review Summary:

Initial Impression- light weight

Usability- versatile

Durability- Test in progress

Price- $120

Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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