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We have all used pliers and wrenches to tighten nuts and bolts.  Many of us have a collection of different sizes for different needs.  For the most part, they work pretty well.  However, there was one problem we have all ran into... sometimes we end up rounding off or stripping the corners of the nut or bolt.  The fault was partly due to the user, but was partly due to the design of the tools.

The Bionic Wrench was engineered by Dan Brown to not just combine the best features of pliers and wrenches, but to improve upon them using a different design.

Like pliers, the Bionic Wrench will self-adjust to fit around the nut.  Unlike pliers, the Bionic Wrench grips the nut on the sides rather than the corners. 

This difference is the key to the effectiveness of this tool. Gripping the nut on the side not only increases the applied force, but it also won't mar the surface like serrated teeth grips.

The handles are padded for easy grip.  The tool is constructed from four separate plies of steel...making it extremely strong.  In fact, like all well constructed tools, it comes with a lifetime warranty.  There is an internal spring to keep the tool in the "open position, making it quite easy to use this tool like a rachet.

We went out to the RainyDayGarage and pulled from the bench a collection of typical tools (wrench, adjustible, ViseGrip, pliers, socket rachet) to compared with the Bionic Wrench.  We tried them on a few different size nuts and bolts.

The Bionic Wrench was clearly easier to use in our brief tightening test with different nuts and bolts.  In the photo above, we tried to illustrate the different contact points of the various tools.  One can see the Bionic Wrench (lower right) is the only one that applies forces not on the corners, but on all six sides.

We are always excited to find new things at RainyDayMagazine, but we are especially thrilled whenever we see new ideas for familiar things!  We were quite impressed with the Bionic Wrench in this "First Look".

While this tool may not replace all those other wrenches, socket, and pliers in you tool chest, it would definitely be a useful addition.  If you don't already have a collection of wrenches, then this should definitely be the first one you purchase... who knows, perhaps you may never collect any others :-)

NOTE:  Clearly no tool will not work in ALL situations. The Bionic Wrench is no different.  The Bionic Wrench will not be able to get into recessed spaces like socket wrenches.  It won't clamp and lock like the ViceGrip.  You will not be able to get it around a pipe like a pair of pliers.  It will also not work in tight areas where its head cannot fit around the nut or if its rotation is obstructed in some way.  We will have more to say about this after using it for a few weeks around the RainyDayGarage.



LoggerHead Tools

Bionic Wrench

By Wan Chi Lau

The use of tools are what separates us from other forms of life... like cats, for instance.  Mostly because they (cats) have, through evolution, developed all they needed to do what they want (sleep).

We (cat owners), on the other hand, are constantly coming up with better ideas to improve our tools.  Mainly so we could do what we have to faster so we can get back to doing what we want (mostly sleep).

The folks at LoggerHead Tools sent us one such tool this past week... the Bionic Wrench.  This tool appeared at first glance to be a cross between a pair of pliers and a socket wrench. 

In this "first look" review, we examined what made this wrench different.  we also did a quick comparison between this wrench and some of the more familiar ones (socket, pliers, ViseGrip, etc...).

Come back in a few weeks and check out this review again.  We should have had a chance to use it around the RainyDayGarage.

Uh, no...you can't borrow it.  Go get your own here.


Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Excellent

Usability- Excellent

Durability- Guaranteed For Life

Price- $29


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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