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Keen described these shoes as "hybrids".  They are a cross between light hiking/trail shoes and sandals.  Like trail shoes, the Taos have good arch and heel support.  Like sandals, the Taos have a open mesh/web and strap-like upper construction for comfort and breathability.  The shoe is light...around 14 oz for the Men's 8 1/2.

The outer sole has deep lugs for good grip/traction on uneven surfaces.  The leather is stated as waterproof.  The lacing system was designed to wrap the shoe evenly around the foot... limiting heel slip and other annoying problems that may lead to blisters, yet not bind or otherwise feel restrictive.

One pull was all we needed to get the shoe to conform around the foot.  The laces are secured by a sliding clasp. The heel and sides are open and should make for good ventilation and water drainage.  The toes looked to be well protected by Keen's distinctive and patented design.

Reflective bands were integrated into the overall design of the Taos.  The photo above gave an idea of how it would look when light hits it at night.

Both our men's and women's version fit well.  Great arch support, comfortable and natural flexing of the sole, and no heel slippage. We'll be taking them outside for a quick hike around the pond this week.  Come back and read our first impressions of this great looking hybrid.

Update: Keen Taos First Use Review ...here




By Wan Chi Lau

Summer is for outdoor activities.  For outdoor activities, one need the right shoes, boots, or sandals.

We have our Berkenstocks for everyday walking, our Nike ACG trail shoe for light hiking, and our Teva sandals for canoeing and other wet activities.

Sometimes you need more than one type of footwear on the same outting, especially if water activities were involved.

Keen has supposedly designed a shoe to meet just that need.  The Keen Taos is suppose to work like a trail shoe, feel like a sandal, and be comfortable on dry land and in the water. 

Can this be true?  We'll find out when we take this shoe out and give it a try. 

In this First Look review, we'll tell you about its overall construction, its various features, and our impression right out of the box.

Next, we'll take it out for a quick hike to give you our First Use comments.  Finally, we'll wear it for a few months and give you our "In The Wild" report.


1. First Look

2. First Use

3. In The Wild Report

Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Well Engineered

Usability- Comfortable

Durability- Test in progress

Price- $100


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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