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Vessel's idea was to create a little device that can give the wearer discreet glimpses of time whenever they want.  The Tempo Time Tag from Vessel is small...a little bigger than an inch.  It is a LCD clock with a clip on the back.  The clock module is power by a user replaceable lithium battery.  The clip is made of stainless steel. 

There are NO extra features in this little clock.  It does exactly what it was designed to do... tell the time. 

Adjustments are made by pressing the button in the back of the clip.  Press and hold for 5 seconds to enter "Setup mode".  Press and hold will cause the numbers to scroll.  Press and release will cause the time to jump in minute increments.    The instructions say "do not operate in temp below 32F or above 113F"... which is fine since neither do we.

We had no problem finding places to clip these Time Tags... bag labels, belt loops, and sleeves are all suitable places.  Just look around your body.  You'll find a spot!

These little Time Tags were suprisingly easy to read...even from a distance of about 18"!  The only problem we think we'll have with these little gems is forgetting to take them off the clothes before washing them :-)

Come back again in a few weeks to see if we still have them :-)



Vessel Inc.

Tempo Time Tag

By Wan Chi Lau

There was a time when we got by just fine knowing whether it was winter, spring, summer, or fall.

Somebody decided that was not precise enough and invented better ways to track the passing of time.  Now everybody is late, running late, or was on time but had to wait because the other party is late.

The invention of the wristwatch helped a lot.  It let us know how late we were and how much later it will be before we'll get there. 

It also helped launch an entire industry whose sole purpose was to create things to tell us how late we were.  One of the problem with wristwatches is some people don't like them... not because they don't like watches just that they don't like things on their wrists.

The folks at Vessel sent us a couple of these Tempo Time Tags.  They don't go on the wrist :-)

Any body want to buy a wristwatch?

Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Elegant/Functional

Usability- Simple

Durability- Test in progress

Price- 2 for $18

Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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