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The 20Q is small self contained orb that fits comfortably in the palm of you hands.   It runs on 2 AAA batteries.  In the center is a red dot-matrix display for asking you questions and giving you the occassional wise-ass comment :-)

You start the game by pressing the "Yes/New Game" button...which also wakes it up from Sleep Mode.  The answer buttons (Unknown, No, Yes, Sometimes) are well placed.  A typical game lasts a few minutes.  If you did manage to out-wit it, the game can continue for another 5 questions at which time 20 Q will guess again.

We really like this little toy.  Our recommendation?  Go order one RIGHT NOW.   When it arrives... play with it until you realize you are going to get fired if you don't get some work done. 

Leave it in the car, give it away as a gift, or add it to your "must take" travel gear pile... but don't leave it around your work area if your time is valuable :-)

The 20Q will be included in the Rainy Day Magazine's travel accessories for the summer.






By Wan Chi Lau

The folks are Radica sent us something that managed to bring the entire RainyDayMagazine office to a grinding halt.

It is the classic 20 Questions game in electronic form.  This little gadget is really tough to beat... and REALLY REALLY fun to play with!!!!

Here is the transcript of an actual game...

Is it an animal? Yes.

Is it small? Yes.

Can it swim? No.

Does it have fur? Yes.

Is it smaller than a duck ? Yes.

Is it something you can purchase? Yes.

Would you find it on a farm? - Sometimes.

Is it a herbivore? - No.

Is it brown? - Sometimes.

Does it get wet ? - Yes.

Is it a predator ? Yes.

Is it commonly used? Yes.

Can it climb? Yes.

Is it smooth? Sometimes.

Do you hold it when you use it ? No.

Is it usually colorful? No.

Do you know any songs about it? Yes.

Does it live in the forest? No.

Is it black? Sometimes.

Can it be placed on your head? Yes.


What is YOUR Guess??? See the bottom of the column.


Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Excellent

Usability- Amazingly FUN!!!

Durability- Test in progress

Price- Fantastic (List price: $15)





20Q's guess... A Cat? Yes. 

Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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