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The SideWinder itself is small and light (3 oz). The package comes with a carrying case, 4 phone power adapters (Audiovox, Kyocera, Ericsson, Motorola v60), and cable.

The crank in the "rest" position is recessed into the case. It flips out easily and is easy to operate.

We tested the SideWinder with a Motorola v60 cell phone. The hook up is straightforward and the plugs are clearly labeled. It is virtually impossible to do it wrong. However, the two ends of the interconnect wire are NOT interchangeable, so don't force it if it doesn't fit :-)

Built into the case is also a white LED... which means you will always have a handy crank powered flashlight! A nice little bonus!!!

We really like this little gadget and it will be included in the Rainy Day Magazine's travel accessories for the summer.




Innovative Solutions


By Wan Chi Lau

The SideWinder charger is a device that should be in a lot of folk's luggage. It is different from the Charge2Go device we mentioned a while back.

This unit is a portable generator for your cell phone...which means you will ALWAYS be able to recharge your phone, no matter where you are!

We used this SideWinder for a few days after letting our cellphone battery drop down to nothing to see how long it takes to get thing running again.

A few crank of the handle did give a few minutes of talk time and almost half an hour of standby!

We'll use it for the summer and report back on its performance. Come back in a few months and check out the review again to see how it held up "In The Wild"!

Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Excellent

Usability- Excellent

Durability- Test in progress

Price- Fantastic (List price: $25)




Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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