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Both the G2 Nitrolon and E2E Executive Personal Lights are incredibly well constructed. The G2's external shell is composed of some kind of non-conductive polymer compound.

The molded pattern make it really easy to get a grip on the G2. Both units are powered by lithium batteries. The batteries are a little more expensive than the usual AA, but the performance is worth the extra expense. The batteries have a 10 year shelf life...so they will work when you need them.

The E2E's shell is made of aircraft grade machined aluminum. The cross hatch pattern on the body serves the same function as the G2's molded grid. Both units' "anti-rolling" feature is part of the body's design...a nice touch that serves multiple functions.

The SureFire units are small...about an inch shorter than the Mini MagLite. Unlike the Mini MagLite, the SureFire units are switched on by turning the knob in the rear. The units can also be switched on momentarily by pressing the button at the base.

The bulbs are xenon gas-filled and are capable of 65 lumens.

Note the stippled nature of the SureFire reflector (left) as compared to the MagLite's smooth reflector (right). The SureFire design throws a much more even light cone (left)...no rings and no need to focus.

The SureFire beam (left) is also MUCH brighter than the Mini MagLite's (right). We don't have a quantitative measure, but the difference was dramatic.

Like the Mini MagLite, the SureFire units have rubber ring seals at each end to keep out moisture and dirt.

SureFire has a TON of accessories for these flashlights (lanyard, beam covers, color filters, holsters, beam shapers, etc...)

The smaller size, brighter beam, greater features of the SureFire flashlights make them a better choice for folks looking for the best in personal illumination tools!




G2 Nitrolon and E2E

By Wan Chi Lau

SureFire started off making laser sighting systems for use with fire arms. Their success in laser sighting systems made it natural to continue their product line to include all kinds of tactical handheld illumination tools.

In this review, we'll compare both the features of the G2 and E2E to the Mini MagLite 2AA.

We'll use both units for the summer and report back on its performance. Come back in a few months and check out the review again to see how it held up "In The Wild"!


1. FirstLook/FirstUse

2. In The Wild

Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Excellent

Usability- Excellent

Durability- Test in progress

Price- Worth it ($34-G2, $75-E2E)




Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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