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Speck Products is now shipping a complete line of protective cases for the iPod nano.  We got four of them and they were all fun and unique in their own way.

The iGuy is obviously Speck's most recognizable case.  This friendly iPod case and holder is turning into something of a cult phenomenon amongst the girls under 14 crowd :-)  We expect there will be quite a few of them in Christmas stockings this year.

The oOther new models are ToughSkin, GrassSkin, and CloudSkin.  They are made of silicon, are soft, and will protect the iPod from the daily knocks and bumps.

In order to fully appreciate these cases, they must be felt.  The packaging is designed in such a way that potential customers can feel the texture of the case while still in the package.

The ToughSkin case looks like it's been designed by the folks from Hummer.  The GrassSkin has soft nubs all over and was just so much fun to hold!

All the cases have removeable screen protectors.  The screen has a rubber gasket around the edge to keep it from shifting around...a nice detail one would not see in cheaper products.

Each case (except for the iGuy) also has a removeable clip on the back.  The clips allow the case to rotate without coming loose.  A push of the button at the top releases the case from the clip.

Of all the cases, our current favorite is the ToughCase.  We are calling it the "Hummer" :-)  It has an easy-to-grip surface, feels nice in our hands, and protects the iPod on all edges.

The top and bottom are open, but still fully cushioned.  We would have preferred some kind of flap at the bottom to seal the dock connector, but we can understand why Speck didn't do that.

Since there is an opening at the bottom of the case, it is dockable... very convenient for keeping the nano charged.

No matter which one you decide is right for you, these Speck Product cases will do a great job protecting the nano.  If you are like us and can't decide, just get them all!

In the FirstUse test, we are going to see if the case will protect the iPod nano from a drop of a few feet to the floor.  Of course we'll have videos...did you have to ask?



Speck Products

iPod nano cases

By Wan Chi Lau

Everybody knows that Apple closely guards their product announcements.  This often generates buzz and anticipation for whatever is coming from the folks in Cupertino.

When Apple surprised the market with the ultra-desirable iPod nano, many companies had to scramble to get products out for the new line.  It was made all the the more urgent when reports started coming in about how easy it was for scratches to show up on the iPod nano.

We first met the folks at Speck Products at MacWorld Boston.  They make some of the most "tactile" iPod cases on the market.  Once we picked them up, we couldn't put them down!

Speck Product's iPod nano line follow the same tradition they have for their other iPod cases... fun, protective, and ever so touchable.


1. FirstLook

2. FirstUse



Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Fun & Protective

Usability- Dockable case

Durability- time will tell

Price- $20-35$


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Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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