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The package comes with all of the items needed to connect the reader to most computers on the market.  Newer systems (Windows ME/XP, Mac 9.0 and higher) will automatically recognize the device and no drivers will be necessary.  Older systems (Win 98/SE, Mac OS 8.6) will need to install the approriate drives supplied on the CDROM.

It will work fine connected to any USB port, but to get the maximum transfer speed, the reader need to be connected to a USB 2.0 port. 

Up to 4 cards of different formats can be inserted to the reader at any one time.  The reader is powered via the USB port.  The red LED will light when it's powered.  The green LED will light when the card is properly inserted into its slot.

We encountered no problems attaching this reader to a Mac or a PC.  The thin form factor, simple setup, and fast USB connection makes this unit a good choice for anyone with a need to transfer data using different Flash memory cards.



Digital Foci

Flash Reader

By Wan Chi Lau

Most devices with removeable memory cards will usually supply a cable to connect the device to the computer so data can be transferred.

The problem is the transfer is usually slow and specific drivers are needed so the computer can communicate with the device.

One solution to the problem is to skip the step of connecting the device to the computer all together.  Just pop out the memory card, put it into a card reader, and transfer the data directly to the computer.  When different formats started to sprout in the marketplace, some enterprising companies started making readers that will read all these formats.

These multiformat card readers have been around for some time now.  Most of them do a fine job of getting the data off the card and into you computer.

Digital Foci's reader is no exception.  It is small, great looking, well constructed, and simple to hook up.


1. FirstLook

2. FirstUse

3. InTheWild


Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Tiny!

Usability- Plug & Play

Durability- Test in progress



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Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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