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We got the new "Space Tape" finish iKeychain case from A-1 Quality Products Inc. today.  This beauty was machine milled from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum.

The case is comprised of two pieces linked by a stainless steel ring.  No tools are needed to open or close the case as the slabs are held together by three strategically placed magnets (blue arrows below).

The fit and finish of the iKeychain was excellent.  The iPod nano (with the InvisibleShield on) fit perfectly inside the case.  We should note that we did not put the back piece of the InvisibleShield on our nano.  Those that did may have an even tighter fit.

All the edges were cleanly beveled or rounded.  The fit around the click wheel and the color screen was excellent.  When closed, there were no visible gaps anywhere around the side of the case.

The only opening on the side of the case was the one for the headphone jack.  There was no opening at the top of the case for the "lock switch".  It was a reasonable decision since the thickness of the case would have made the switch unreachable anyway.

The case made the iPod nano a little bit larger, but no so much that it detracted from the look or the usability if the iPod in any way.

The folks at A-1 Quality Products have a complete line of colors and finishes for the iKeychain or all of the different iPods.  The "Space Tape" finish was specifically designed to eliminate the appearance of any fingerprints :-) 

For this FirstLook report, we pass it around the office all day and we were not able to detect any marks on the finish at all.

The magnets does a great job of holding the case closed.  No matter how hard we shook the case or tossed it onto the couch, we were not able to get it to open accidentally.

However, when necessary, the case can easily be pried opened by using our fingernails on the two slits milled into the front end of the case.

We comment the A-1 folks on this super quality product.  They have every right to take pride in their work and they show it by etching their URL into every case.

How tough is the case?  Can it protect the nano if we ran over it with an SUV? Go check out the video...



A-1 Quality Products


By Wan Chi Lau

When we first got the iPod nano, we noticed scratches showing up almost right away.  We got the InvisibleShield on the iPod nano and it's been scratch-free ever since.

However, some of the folks at RainyDay Magazine were still a little timid about carrying the iPod around in their pockets and passing it to all who wanted to try it out.  To solve that problem, we started looking at "hard" cases to give the iPod nano a little more protection.

We had looked at a lot of different cases on the market.  Most of them will probably do a fine job of protecting the iPod, but none was designed as elegantly as the iKeychain.

We first saw the iKeychain at the Boston MacWorld 2005.  The A-1 Quality Product folks were demonstrating this cleverly designed case with the iPod Shuffle.

With all the noise in the press about the nano being a "scratch magnet", the A-1 folks went into high gear and got one designed for the new iPod.

We will take a look at this new case, check the fit and finish, and see if it will stand out amongst the ever growing collection of iPod nano gear we are accumulating at the office.


1. FirstLook

2. FirstUse



Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Precisely milled

Usability- No fingerprints design

Durability- Crush proof?

Price- $40

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Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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