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Moonsus have a complete line of designer computer bags.  We were fortunate to get our hands a two of them (the attache and the computer bag) for this review.  These bags were about  2-3 lbs and have a very solid feel.  Every part of their construction (exterior, lining, zippers, stitching, fittings) exude quality worksmenship.

The details and finish of the bags are what separate the Moonsus products from its competitors.  Both bags had custom-molded, chrome plated, metal fittings with a lacquer finish.  The fabric is abrasion-proof and treated with Teflon to repell stains, water, and other daily grime.

The leather is also specially treated to resist stain.  Like any fine leather product, it's richness should grow with time and use.

The bags are lined in fine Jacquard satin.  There are various pockets for pens, cell phone, and a laptop.  The attache is large enough to comfortably hold a Sony Viao slim size laptop.

Readers should note that even though we used the Elixir Slim Attache with a laptop in this review, Moonsus had NOT designed and does not recommend using the Attache as laptop bags.  Unlike their Signature Laptop Bag, the Elixir Slim Attache does not have ANY protection for laptops. 

If you were looking for a stylish bag designed with laptop protection in mind, you will love the Signature Laptop Bag

The Signature Laptop Bag had a larger internal space.  The laptop can be easily carried in the central section or strapped into the side pocket.

The Signature bag had two additional external pockets for files, newspapers, and such.  The pockets are held closed by magnetic clasps.  Some care must be taken not to have these clasps make contact with flash cards or magnetically sensitive devices.  We would have been happier if Moonsus had chosen some other mechanism for holding the pockets closed.

All parts of the bag can be easily cleaned with just a damp cloth and mild soap.  We have given these bags to some folks at the office to use for a week.  Check back to to see how they did in their FirstUse outings!

We hope Moonsus will decide to offer a men's executive line in the future!

Update:  Moonsus just announced a men's line called Marsus.  This line looks every bit as luxurious as the Moonsus collection.  We hope to bring you a first hand look in the near future.




Signature Executive Portfolio

By Wan Chi Lau

There are plenty of laptop bags on the market.  Most of them are very well made and will do a perfectly fine job in protecting a laptop in transit.

They all pretty much come in black, are made of cordura nylon or leather, and look like... every other laptop bag.

Moonsus offers professional women a choice.  Their file and laptop bags are made from high quality materials. What separates Moonsus from the pack is that their collection is targeted at professional women who want function, but also demand style in their business gear.


1. FirstLook

2. FirstUse

3. InTheWild


Review Summary:

Initial Impression- High quality!

Usability- light weight

Durability- Test in progress

Price- $200 - $350



Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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