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The StickyPod Dash Cam kit came with everything (knuckle joint, extensions, mount, nylon web tether) we needed to securely mount a camera to it and it to a car.  We also got the heavy duty "Pro" mount which has a larger surface and 4 suction cups.

The first thing we noticed was how solidly made everything was.  The base was made with aluminum...VERY stiff.  The center mount was made from steel and riveted to the base.  This thing is not coming apart! 

The suction cups were huge and grips tightly on a smooth surface.  Do clean them first before using.  They can leave a mark on a painted surface if they are dirty.

The support posts (not tubes) were made from SOLID aluminum. They can be threaded together for a longer extension.

The knuckle joint was made completely from metal (no plastic parts anywhere in this rig) and held the camera precisely at the set angle.

The mount was easily attached to any flat surface on the car or truck with a press.  Just make sure both the surface and the rubber suction cups are clean.  Like any rubber material, flexibility will change with temperature.  We'll try it on a relatively warm day in Boston (60's) in the FirstUse review.  We'll also give it a test during the winter for our InTheWild report!

Of course, when we are ready to take this rig out for the FirstUse test, we'll use the included tether to make SURE the rig is secured!

The StickyPod is not just great for shooting videos from a vehicle.  Folks at the office started seeing ALL kinds of places to mount the StickyPod.  We may have to start implementing some rules around here!!!

For the money, this is an excellent and versatile mount for both digital cameras and video camcorders.  If you want to add some unique action angles to your videos, we can't think of a better or more cost effective way to do it than with the StickyPod.

Come back in a few weeks and we should have videos available!




Dash Cam Pak/Pro Pak

By Wan Chi Lau

If Spiderman needed to mount a camera to take some action shots of him swinging from building to building, he would get a StickyPod!



1. FirstLook

2. FirstUse

3. InTheWild


Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Well made!

Usability- Push to attach.

Durability- Test in progress

Price- $59 - $129


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Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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