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The iBeat is a set of headphones with something extra... glowing wires that pulsate to the beat of your music.  Insert a couple of AAA batteries, select the "response," plug it into an iPod and you are set for your own mini light show :-)

The iBeat came with clip holders that will fit Apple's iPod, mini, and Shuffle.  However, the holder will not fit the first generation iPods.

While the holders were designed specifically for the iPod line, the iBeat will work with any device (MobiBLU, iPod nano) with the standard headphone jack.

iBeat comes in a variety of colors... the color of this one is "Rhythm and Blue".  Check out the iBeat site for one that suits you.

The iBeat is simple to use. It has three modes (off, on, pulsate) selectable from the button on top of the unit. 

Great for rollerbladers and runners who like to listen to music AND increase their visibility at dusk :-)




iBeat Headphones

By Wan Chi Lau

We get asked to review a lot of products here at RainyDayMagazine.  Once in a while, we get something that is just...fun!

In the past, we've gotten a desktop gyroscope and an orb that can read minds. 

The other day, though, we got a set of headphones called iBeat that pulsates with the music. 

The iBeat is a set of earbuds which fit any music device that takes standard headphones (iPod, MP3 player, stereo system).  The cord illuminates in sync with the rhythm of whatever you were listening to.

No ...it didn't help me with my rhythm, but at least now I can clearly see I don't have any :-)


1. FirstLook/FirstUse

2. In The Wild Report



Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Oh how fun!

Usability- On/Off/Pulsate

Durability- Test in progress

Price- $30

Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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