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The Aqua Sphere Fitness Package we received contained a lot of gear: swim cap and gloves, side breathing snorkels, fins, googles, kickboard, and other miscellaneous accessories, all housed in a Wet/Dry carry-all bag.

We got all three types of swim google to see which, if any, was better in actual use.   The construction of all three were excellent.  All the rubber pieces which made contact with skin were soft and super flexible.  The lens were all crystal clear.

We also got some accessories (body chamois towel, anti-fog liquid) to see if they work better than their everyday counterparts (cotton towel, spit).

The first thing we noted were the swim fins.  We were used to using fins when snorkeling...but for swimming in a pool? Wait!  These were not ordinary fins.  First, they were MUCH shorter.  Second, they use the more efficient "split-fin" design.

The split-fin design had been around for a while (1999)...the idea was first commericalized by Apollo using the "Natures's Wing" patent by Pete McCarthy. 

Over the years, divers have consistently reported that "split fins" work best in calm waters...allowing for long swims with less fatigue (your ankles don't get so tired from all that flipping).   This may be why AquaSphere had licensed the patented "Nature's Wing" technology and developed a split fin version called ZipFin expressly for fitness swimming. 

The two other interesting pieces of gear in our package were the SwimGloves and the SideDraft snorkel.  The SwimGloves have webbing between the fingers to give more pulling power to each stroke...just like Aquaman! 

Some swimmers have trouble coordinating their breathing with their strokes.  Using a snorkel can help, but most snorkels are designed for diving.  The SideDraft snorkel mounts to the goggles, and is angled so the swimmer's head is properly aligned for swimming.

All three sets of swim googles have lens that were slightly curved.  This design is suppose to give the swimmer much greater visibility under water than the less expensive flat lens used in most google.

Sometimes you just want to focus on the legs.  A kickboard is useful for working on techniques and drills.  You hold onto the kickboard, which keeps you bouyant, and just kick with your legs to propel you down the pool.

We got the Aqua Sphere equipment bag to carry all the gear.  The bag also has specific Wet and Dry compartments, so damp workout gear can stay separate from the street clothes.

We have some pool time scheduled this month and will report back on how all this gear performed in our FirstUse review.



Aqua Sphere

Fitness Package

By Wan Chi Lau

Swimming...many of us do it for fun, or to cool off during the summer months.  Some of us train every day and swim competitively. 

Few of us, however, think of swimming for the exercise.  This is unfortunate because swimming is probably one of the most beneficial forms of exercise for the body at any age.

The folks at Aqua Sphere are out to change how people think about swimming and exercise.  They have put together a line of swimming gear specifically targeted at helping people get more out of their pool time.

In this review, we took a FirstLook at Aqua Sphere Fitness Package.  We'll show you the basic features of the items and examine the quality of their construction.

In the FirstUse review, we'll check out the well they work in the pool:-)


1. First Look

2. First Use

3. In The Wild Report


Review Summary:

Initial Impression- innovative

Usability- Everything in one bag

Durability- Test in progress

Price- $50-$80, depending on gear

Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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