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Some of us used to string fishing lines around our room with little bells attached so no one could sneak up and surprise us from behind.  Technology has advanced some since we were 8 years old, but the principles are still the same: put a detector around a perimeter, sound an alarm if anyone enters, and launch the rubber band defensive measure when necessary.

Wild Planet's Lazer Tripwire is the perfect device for junior spies (and some older cube warriors) who want to protect an area from the curious.

The Lazer Tripwire does NOT use laser beams but low power LED lights.  This is makes the device both safe and battery-friendly.  The light is sent from LEDs in top pod to a receiver in the bottom pod of another module.

Wild Planet's Lazer Tripwire perimeter security system came with three modules, but can be expanded to included an unlimited number of units!

Each module has an LED unit, a receiver, and a clamp.  The LED unit and the receiver are independently adjustable on two axis (180 on one and 360 on the other).  This makes it easy to align everything.

Since the beam is hard to see, included is a "misting module" for spraying a fine mist of water in the path of the beam to "see" it.  We are not sure if this would help, but it would be fun nevertheless.

The built-in clamp is easy to use for securing the unit to a flat surface. The pads on the clamp will swivel a little and has a thin rubber layer for gripping most surfaces.

Each module is powered by two AAA batteries housed in the body. The toggle-switch power button is on the top of the unit. 

There is also a switch to adjust the receiver's sensitivity for day time or night time use.  When the receiver "sees" the beam a red indicator light will go on.

We will set up the system and see if we can take some pics to show you what the beam looks like.  We play around with it for a few days to see just what it can and cannot do to protect an area from the office cat :-)

The Wild Planet Lazer Tripwire looks to be a perfect gift for the junior spy-in-training on your list this holiday season.  Go check out this and other fun items at Wild Planet on Amazon.



Wild Planet

Lazer TripWire

By Wan Chi Lau

Banks and museums use laser intrusion detection systems to safe guard their valuables.

The cubicles at RainyDayMagazine do not need the same level of protection, but that does not mean we would use anything less high tech :-)

Some folks' cubical intrusion defenses got an upgrade when they discovered Wild Planet's Lazer Tripwire.

In this FirstLook review, we'll take a look at Wild Planet's Lazer modules and how it works.  In the FirstUse review, we'll set up a perimeter and see if our office cat can find a way to penetrate it undetected! 


1. First Look

2. First Use

    - System Armed movie

    - Alarm triggered movie

3. In The Wild Report


Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Too cool for words!

Usability- Wireless

Durability- Test in progress

Price- $30


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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