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The Soda Club Edition 1 soda making machine came the day before RainyDayMagazine's 3rd annual SausageFest.  The timing was perfect!  All our guests will have a chance to try out the Edition 1 and comment on it.

However, before we let our guests loose on a machine powered by compressed gas and all that it implied, we thought we had better try it once ourselves just to make sure we didn't need to up our insurance coverage :-)  We quickly realized our initial trepidations were unfounded.  This machine was VERY easy to setup and straighforward to use...but we DID have to follow some simple instructions.

There was a clearly marked "Water Fill Line"...Do fill it up to the line.  Do Not overfill because you'll need the room for the flavor syrup later.

The water botter just screws into the machine.  There is a rubber gasket in the cap to form an air tight seal...no need to over-tighten!

Once attached, the bottle hangs freely from the machine.  To add the carbonation, all we had to do was press the button on top.  Press and hold and you'll hear and see a blast of gas.  3-5 good blasts was all we needed to get a good bubbling liter of liquid.

The next step was adding the flavor syrup.  We filled the cap to the line indicated and added the syrup SLOWLY (well...the second time, anyway) to the carbonated water.  We should emphasize "SLOWLY" because if the syrup is added too quickly...well, if you want to find out... try it with everything in the sink :-)

The syrup is thick, so fight the urge to just pour it all in (trust me on this).  Notice the bubbling when the syrup hits the water?  Also notice there isn't much room left in the bottle?  Well...if you pour the syrup in too fast... :-)

Once all the syrup had been added, we slowly rotate the bottle a few times to let everything mix.  We had chilled the water and the syrup before mixing, so the soda was now ready to be enjoyed!

UPDATE:  We had about 20 folks at the SausageFest that gave this machine a try. They all had a great time making their own soda.  Of course, some didn't heed the warning about slowly adding the syrup and got a nice soda bath.  Most like the fruit flavors best (Grapefruit, OrangeMango, LemonLime) and the cola (Vanilla Cola) least. 

Soda Club will be introducing a 1/2 liter bottle in the next few months.  This will make it much easier to enjoy a lot of different flavors!


Soda Club

Edition 1

By Wan Chi Lau

At RainyDayMagazine, some of us love fizzy water.  Some like the favored stuff.  Once in a while we all want a Diet Coke.

Our problem is we usually don't have something for everybody because we only shop when we run out.

Well, this new machine RainyDayKitchen got from Soda Club may just change all that!

The Edition 1 was designed to make fizzy water and flavored carbonated drinks, a liter at a time, at the push of a button!  Expensive?  Well, after the initial cost... about 25 cents/bottle :-)

The best part? You can design your own flavors!!!


1. First Look

2. First Use

3. In The Wild Report


Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Easy to use

Usability- Soda in 3 minutes!

Durability- test in progress

Price- $100-$150

NOTE: You can order the Edition One here.  Please let them know you read about it in RainyDayKitchen :-)

Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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