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The LumaRay FL6 2006 is every bit as good as version 1.0.  The updates to the flashlight were made for both performance and manufacturing reasons.  Some of the changes are not visible but all combined to make the FL6 2006 a more reliable tool overall. 

An example of a change for manufacturing reason is some pieces are now "ribbed" so the plactic flows better during the injection process.  The result is less shrinkage and a tighter fit, enhancing the FL6's waterproof rating to a conservatively stated depth of 50 feet.  Other changes are so adjustments may be made easier during assembly.  We were told that the circuitry has been redesiged to handle higher heat should future features require it.

The more obvious changes are things such as the handle and the base.  The old handle was tapered.  The new handle is more tubular.  It has a pattern molded into it for an improved grip. The new handle is shorter by almost an half an inch.

The new base is much simplier than the old one, but is actually more functional.   The base is now part of the molding process, not constructed during the finally assembly. 

Also note the slits in two of feet, allowing the user to attach a cable or string to the unit.  The base is still flat, making it easy for the unit to stand on end. 

It would be cool if there was a way to flip down some braces to make it even more stable on a flat surface.  Another thing we sometimes wish for is the ability to spike the flashlight into soft ground (lawn, sand, etc...).  We may have to design an attachment :-)

Even though the heads are different, the contact points are still the same.  There are still two O-rings to in the handle to seal out moisture. 

The old head on the right looks exactly like the new head on the left from this view point.  The difference is the LEDs .  The new LEDs are almost twice as bright as the old ones (700 mcd vs 350 mcd).

The clamping system of the old (right) and new (left) FL6 looks exactly the same.  Functionally they work the same way.  However, the new one feels quite a bit more "solid" when the head is turned.  We are not sure why, but we like it.

The clamps on the new unit are just a tad too short to grip the rim of the old LED head.  We are sure enterprising DIY'ers would be able to get it to fit, but such modifications would definitely void the warranty.

Also note the power contacts are now made of copper and there are two of them.  We have never had any reliability problems with old unit, but we are pretty sure that in this case, two is probably better than one :-)

This update version of the LumaRay FL6 is a well thought out evolution of a revolutionary flashlight design.  Our LumaRay collection is growing!  Someone here suggested that it would be cool to get another handle and make a "FL-Lantern" by rigging up a way to attach three of these in a triangular fashion :-)  We'll see.




FL6 2006

By Wan Chi Lau

The folks at LumaRay took a close look at the average flashlight and were not happy with what they saw.  They came up with the FL6...a futuristic looking LED illumination device.

The FL6 2006 is a refinement on the original. The basics are the same, but now the FL6 2006 puts out more light, it is easier to grip, and is even more water resistant than before.

In this review, we'll compare the original and the new to show the obvious and the subtle changes between the two FL6s. 

Also, based on reader requests, we have linked full size images with most of the pics in this review so you can get a much closer look!

Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Futuristic

Usability- Well thought out

Durability- Test in progress

Price- about $70


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Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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