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The IR-8200 is a little larger than most flash drives, but much smaller than the usual multi-format card readers.  The advantage of having a portable card reader is you don't have to worry whether you remembered to bring along the "whatever-to-SD" adapter. With its built-in USB connector, the IR-8200 can be plugged into any available USB port. 

The IR-8200 supports a bunch of different smaller formats (MMC, MMC4.0. RS MMC, RS MMC4.0, SD, MiniSD, and T-Flash).  The only format this reader does not support is the larger CompactFlash cards. 

The image above give a feel for the overall size of the IR-8200.  It is thicker than a PCMCIA size card, but thinner and about half as wide as a Motoroal RAZR phone.

iRocks is marketing this device as a card reader...and it is certainly a good one.  However, we think it is both a card reader and an upgradeable USB flash drive.

We rarely use MMC cards, but we do have plenty of SD, MiniSD, and T-Flash cards around.  The design make it similar in size to many of the USB drives on the market.  So instead of being stuck with a fixed sized USB flash drive, just insert a larger memory card when you need more storage...brilliant! 

We really like this iRocks card reader.  The IR-8200 is portable, inexpensive, and you should go get one right now.  Just be sure to tell them it is because you read about it on RainyDayMagazine :-)  


iRocks USA

IR-8200 USB 2.0 Card Reader

By Wan Chi Lau

Normally, we don't get too excited over card readers, but this USB reader from iRocks is a little bit different. 

In the FirstLook review, we will take a look at the reader and its features. 


1. FirstLook

2. FirstUse


Review Summary:

Initial Impression- Smartly designed

Usability- Flexible, pocket size

Durability- TBD

Price- $14.00

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Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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