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November 30,2006(TechThursday)

H-Squared is a company we have mentioned in the past.  We have used their Mac Mini mounts for lots of projects.  They are easy to install, works in lots of different orientations, and looks amazing.

H-Squared has now updated their Mac Mini mount with a totally new design.  It is smaller, with fewer parts, and even BETTER looking!  We think the new mount will probably be even MORE versatile then the older version, but we will have to rethink our mounting approach if we were to replace the one in the Boxster with this newer one.

Some of you readers out there know H-Squared by an older name.  If you know what that is, tell us by sending an email to our intern Buffy with the subject line "Also know as..."  In the body of the email, send us a link from one of our older articles mentioning that name.  We will pick a lucky winner and give your iPod something to protect it from the daily wear and tear. 


November 29,2006(WowUsWednesday)

Most of us have seen the words "Wash Me" left on the windows of cars by mischievous passer-bys. Few of us have seen works of art done using the grime on car windows:-)

This definitely has the potential to be a RainyDayProject... maybe we'll stop washing the car for awhile and see if we can do something similar!

On Monday, we told you about the MindSpa. We have since tried some of the other programs. We have also used it with a pair of their next generation glasses.

These newer glasses may be used with in either the opaque or the see-thru mode. At the moment, we don't have a strong preference for a particular type. The MindSpa is being used everyday and we'll have a full write-up soon. We are also going to be uploading some videos of both types of glasses in action.


November 28,2006(TechTuesday)

The folks at ColdHeat have been branching out. The latest piece of gear from them is this cordless heated seat. It uses a NiMH battery pack to power the heating elements.

We'll test this unit if Winter ever gets here in Boston :-) However, if you are planning to head out to a football game and don't relish the cold hard stadium seats, you might want to give this unit a try!


November 27,2006(MindSpaMonday)

We got something really interesting in the mail last week.  It is a device call MindSpa.  A few of us have tried it: some really liked it, others found it too disorienting.

The MindSpa system consists of three pieces: LED goggles, controller, and headphones.  There are 12 different "programs" with different relaxation and mind-improvement goals.  So far, we have tried the first one... for "mental recharging."

We'll have more comments on this device in a few weeks and those of us who found it intriguing will continue to explore the potential of this MindSpa.  The others will just have to put up with us while we take our 20 minute MindSpa "power sessions" during the day, which are NOT naps, no matter what the unintrigued say.

For readers interested in hacking their own brain without any additional hardware...here are some interesting books on the subject.  I mean really, what's more fun, upgrading the Tivo or upgrading your brain?


November 26,2006(WeekendEdition)

For those of you who have been asking how well the homemade Porsche wheel center crests held up after six months...  We didn't take any particular care of them over the Summer and Fall.  They were cleaned everytime we washed the car.  Other than that, we did nothing special to keep them in good shape. 

After six months of daily driving, brake dust, and Boston weather, we were quite impressed with how well these crests held up!  We purchased extra crests expecting that we would need to replace the current ones after a season, but we don't need 'em.  Even after six months of constant use, all the current crests needed was a quick rinse and they were as good as new. Not a bad Do-It-Yourself alternative to the OEM center crests :-)

Even though it was unseasonably warm this weekend, we thought better of going into December with Summer tires on the Boxster.  Summer tires do not perform well at all when temperature drops below 45º (they get "stiff"), and New England storms have a habit of dropping in unexpectedly this time of year.

After being in storage, we should have checked the tire pressure before mounting the Winter tires.  The first one we put on looked quite low on air once we dropped the jack.  A quick check with the JNC Air showed it had only about 15 psi of pressure.  The JNC had it pumped back up to 30 psi in only a few minutes. 

This was the first time we had a chance to use the air pump feature of the JNC Air.  The pump was easy to use and ran very quietly.  We continue to be impressed with the quality of this device.

If you want to read more about what else we did to get this Boxster ready for Winter, just click here or on any of the images.  The ironic thing was our mailman came by just as we were finishing up.  He commented on how nice the car looked and how great it must be to get in some more top-down days... since the forecast for Monday is suppose to be over 60º!


November 25,2006(WeekendEdition)

We heard about the tree lighting event in Roslindale Square just as we were heading out to run some errands.  Since it was on the way, we thought we would swing by to snap some pics of the start of the holiday season :-)

It turned out to be a very pleasant little gathering.  The village green was alive with music and carolling.  The Mayor of Boston was there.  There were kids running around, making tree ornaments, or just waiting for Santa to show up.

We were helping ourselves to some cookies and hot chocolate when a fire engine came howling down Cummins Highway.  Most of the kids knew right away it was Santa and ran to be the first in line to sit on his lap to tell him what they wanted for Christmas... others were just too tuckered out to care :-)

One of the great things about Roslindale is the little section called Birch Street.  We told readers about this little shopping secret a few years back.  Erin, the owner of 18 Birch, has recently moved down a few doors to a larger spot on the corner.

The new store (Birch Street Home & Garden) is bigger than before.  Click on the images to get a bigger look at the store.  There are tons of new and unique items which you just don't find anywhere else.  Many of RainyDayGarden folks plan to do quite a bit of their holiday shopping there :-)


November 24,2006(BlackFriday)

Today is the Friday after Thanksgiving (known as Black Friday).  It is one of the biggest shopping days of the year.  The guys here at the RainyDayGarage are not what you would call "shoppers."  Oh, don't get them wrong, they LOVE a good deal, but they don't actually like the physical act of "shopping."  So to actually get them to go visit a store (and on Black Friday no less) to purchase something, the deal has to be pretty good.

This story started when they realized the torque wrench in the RainyDayGarage needed to be replaced.  Just so happens Sears is having a 50% off sale for the exact model they needed.  Also on sale was a bunch of other stuff which they didn't need, but would be nice to get.  A few of them left the office around 8:30 on their little Sears shopping adventure.  They were hoping to beat the crowd... we didn't have the heart to tell them some folks have been shopping for hours by now.

Anyway, they came back empty-handed, muttering something about "bait and switch" and "who reads the text," followed by a vivid description of "shoving" of things which we will not repeat here.  Apparently, there was a "difference" in the photo of item in the flyer and the item which was actually on sale.  The photo above is the actual Sears ad.  The images below are of the torque wrenches in question.  Which one would you have thought Sear's was talking about?

The item code (#44593) in the Sears ad is correctly referencing the shorter torque wrench... which we are sure is a fine tool and a good sale at $38, but the photo in the ad is not what is actually on sale.  So unless one checks the item codes before heading out to the store, there will be disappointment at the checkout counter.  Sears sells many fine products and this is probably just an innocent mistake, but we thought they should still have honored the sale price... especially since both items were priced exactly the same.  Unfortunately they wouldn't.  So Sears lost the sale of not just one item, but a bunch of other impulse buys as well.

Got your own Black Friday stories (good or bad)?  Drop us a line.  If we print them, we'll send you a little something from the pile of swag in the corner.  


November 21,2006(Thanksgiving Week)

We'll be taking the rest of the week for Thanksgiving.  We wish all of our readers a happy holiday.  Eat well, rest up, and come back Ready To SHOP!!!

Many of you have purchased products based on our reviews and recommendations.  Quite a few of you have written to thank us for the indepth articles from which you based you purchase.  It makes us happy to hear that, but it won't make us rich... unless you purchased it via the links from RainyDayMagazine!!!  So if you want to keep us in the style in which we have become accustomed, then start your shopping here this upcoming holiday season :-)

Enough with plugging the RainyDayMagazine Amazon Stores... see you all after Thanksgiving!  Hopefully, we'll have all of our stores up and running by then.


November 20,2006(MotionCaptureMonday)

Is the image below that of a spiral galaxy or the gravity cloud representation of forces from an Aikido technique?  Not sure?  Well, Sensei Gleason always said Aikido is "Nature's movements".

Ikeda Sensei brought with him a few dvds on his visit to Shobu Aikido of Boston this past weekend.  Among them was this dvd called "Digital Experiments in Aikido". 

It is composed of a collection of digitized Aikido movements captured using 3D motion imaging technology.  It enabled researchers to reconstruct relatively accurate models of aikidoists in the practice of the art.  There are some deficiencies to the technology, but it is pretty amazing what they were able to capture.

The researchers employed many interesting methods (perspective rotation, ghosting, gravity clouds, etc...) in an attempt to visualize and analyze the various movements. 

Althought the purpose of the DVD is not intended to be an Aikido instruction video... we think many would find it both interesting and informative.  If you want your own copy... you can find it here.

Of course, as Ikeda Sensei and Gleason Sensei often reminds us, this is still just showing the "outside" or the form of a technique.  There is still so much more to the art from both the martial and internal perspectives not captured in this type of analysis.  Also, there is a big gap between understanding and doing :-) 

NOTE: Claire S. was the first one to comment that we have been off by a day in our "date label" since 11/6.  They have all now been "readjusted".  We were wondering how long before someone would say something :-)  It took exactly two weeks!  Claire's prize for noticing, telling us, and help end this strange little experiment is the HighGear Enduro... which will not only keep great time, but have a built-in digital compass will help get you home.  Congrats! 

BTW...there are other "non obvious" contests going on all the time on RainyDayMagazine.  You just have to be a little "off" like us to find them :-)


November 19,2006(AikidoWeekend)

This weekend Shobu Aikido of Boston had the pleasure of hosting Ikeda Sensei for the Fall Gasshuku.  The seminar was very well attended and there were a lot of positive enery on the mat all weekend long.

In addition to the pleasure of receiving instructions from Ikeda Sensei, gasshuku time is also when students who have achieved ranks of brown or black belts test for the next rank.  There were quite a few higher level black belt tests this weekend, so it was especially thrilling for all who were able to attend.  Congratulations to all of the students who tested and advanced.


November 17,2006(PowerOnFriday)

Yesterday we showed you how to power up your car when the weather is nasty out.  Today's tip is how to keep your computer system up and running (at least until you can save your work and shut down properly) if a storm knocks out the power.

Since more and more of our readers have a small office or home office (SOHO) and have been asking about uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), we thought we would take a look at one.

APC has been in the UPS business for a long time.  They make a large variety of different kinds for all types of applications.  The one we got is the APC Smart-UPS 750.  We'll set it up this weekend and have a FirstLook for you soon!


November 16,2006(TuneUpThursday)

It has been raining most of the week here in Boston.  When it is damp out, electrical systems in older cars will have a tendency to act up... such as difficulty in starting.  This will often be due to corrosion on the battery terminals.

The JNCAir can be a lifesaver in these situations.   It certainly came in handy this week when one of our editor's car wouldn't start because of of the exact problem described.  The RainyDayGarage guys cleaned out the terminals, clipped on the JNCAir, and got her going in no time. 

The JNCAir is small enough to fit anywhere... even in the front trunk of our Porsche Boxster.  With two jumps, the unit will have paid for itself in tow truck costs.  You can't beat value, dependability, and peace of mind like that. 


November 15,2006(WowUsWednesday)

Some of us here at RainyDayMagazine wrote the image-processing algorithms for the first commerical image-editing software for the Mac...way back in 1988.  That piece of software was called PhotoMac.  It pre-dated Photoshop.  It had its problems, but it was the first 24-bit image-editing software that started it all.  We guess, in some way, we are partly responsible for the following...

One of our friends asked us back then if we were worried that our algorithms would contribute to a world where nothing was what it seemed.  We were young, just got out of school, and were itching to see what we could do.  Hey, at least we didn't take that job with the Defense Department.


November 14,2006(LowTechTuesday)

Sometimes the most effective tech is low tech.  That is certainly true when it comes to keeping out drafts.  A few weeks ago a wind storm whipped through Boston.  There wasn't any damage, but the storm reminded us to replace the seal on both the front and the rear entrances to the RainyDayMagazine office before Winter hits.

The weather stripping had deteriorated to the point where it was no longer effective in blocking air from coming in.  The temperature in the morning can be rather chilly in the front entry way.

Replacing the weather stripping turned out to be a rather simple task.  There were nails holding the weather stripping in place.  The quickest way to remove the old strip was to just pull it out.  We got a good grip and pulled slowly... the entire piece came right out and was easily removed.

The next step was to remove all the nails and put in the new strip.  We found the best tool for the job of getting the small nails out was a pair of needle-nose pliers.  The easiest way to pull the nails was straight out.  This technique made some small dents in the wood, but we would have had to fill in the nail holes and repaint anyway.

Once the weather stripping was removed, the gap can easily be seen.  We never realized what a huge gap there was between the door and the frame.  No wonder the entry way was always so cold in the Winter time around the office. 

Installation of the new seal was pretty simple.  All we needed to do was to slip the strip into the slot in the frame, trim to fit, and nail it in place.  Since the strip just is a piece of foam coat in vinyl, it was easy to cut it to size with a pair of regular scissors. 

This project costed about $20 for the seal from Home Depot.  It took two of us about 30 minutes to replace the strip.  Painting and other detailing work will take more time.  We know it will cut down on the draft.  Hopefully it will also save us some money as well!


November 13,2006(MechanizedMonday)

Many of you asked for a more detailed look at how this LitterRobot operates.  We were going to finish writing things up before posting a video.  However, so many of you have written asking for it, we decided to post a few now.

The way the sequence works is when the cat steps on the entrance platform, a sensor is triggered to start timing the cleaning cycle.  In order for the LitterRobot sensor to trip, your cat must weigh at least 5 lbs.  When the sensor has been tripped, the right light goes on.  After about 7 minutes after the cat exits the globe, the unit will go through its cleaning cycle.

We thought you would appreciate seeing how the entire mechanism operates without the litter.  Just click on the video to see the cleaning cycle in action.

As we had mentioned last week, the LitterRobot is a bit bigger than the average size litter box.  The best location for it may be some place out of the way (basement, laundry room, etc...).  Just remember, it does need to get power some how.

As for the type of kitty litter to use with the LitterRobot, any type of clumping litter should work.  The unit will handle about 9lbs of litter.  The rotation will automatically level out the litter once it completes its cycle.

To see the litter sifting action, click on the sequence above.  Note the opening of the waste disposal door in the middle of the cycle.  Also notice how the globe is rotated past its final resting position and then rotates back.  This action insures the leveling of the litter when it is finally ready for the next use.


November 12,2006(RainySunday)

One of our editors here decided the furry interns may not be getting enough exercise when it is raining or when the weather is otherwise inclement.  To solve that problem, she bought them a "little present" so they can play when they are inside the office.  What showed up was something which was a little bigger then it looked on EBay.

Now that we have had this for a few weeks, we have to agree that this indoor cat jungle gym is the perfect recreational structure for kittens and energetic feline youngsters.  When Eliot is done with his nap in the SleepyPod, he now lounges and plays on this multi-tier carpeted gym.

Another interesting device for cat lovers is the LitterRobot.  We got this device in early Fall and have been writing about it periodically.  The LitterRobot story is a pretty interesting one... we are always a soft touch for folks who quit their day job to chase their dreams :-)

If you love cats, but don't really fancy cleaning the litter box, this automated cleaner may be just the thing.  The unit is bigger then the standard size litter box, so apartment dwellers may have a difficult time finding room for it.  The unit is surprisingly light and is very well constructed.  The design is straight forward and should function well for a long time...unlike those of the "comb style" designs.

If you don't want to let you cats out or can't seem to teach them to flush, the LitterRobot may be just the thing for you. 


November 11,2006(SleepySaturday)

The feline interns at RainyDayMagazine pretty much have it made.  Not only do they get to play with the latest in feline-related gadgets, some of them actually REQUIRE them to nap as part of the review... and we know how much they hate napping :-)

The item up for testing is the SleepyPod from MeowMe.  The SleepPod is an innovative and high quality pet carrier/bed/hideaway. There is even a version with a built in bed warmer.

The SleepyPod comes with a fully lined bed, a zippered dome top, and a carrying strap.  The outer shell is made of the same kind of cordura nylon found on high quality luggage.  All of the materials (zippers, lining, webbing) used are very high grade.  The entire unit is designed to be easily disassembled and cleaned.

Eliot is going to give this MeowMe SleepyPod a thorough paws-on test.  We'll have a more detailed FirstLook in a few day on this SleepyPod once this furry intern learns how to use Dreamweaver.   For now, just click on the images if you want to get a closer look.


November 10,2006(FrequentFlyerFriday)

Some of us were away on business Friday...which meant it was a good opportunity to take some of the gear and give a real road test.  We took with us the Slappa Hardbody FlipTop case, Pacific Design's Nucleus, the YES Cozmo watch, AnyCom keyboard, and the Etymotic earphones.  All frequent flyers know the importance of not checking bags unless absolutely necessary.  In order to do that, we limited ourselves to an overnight bag and a laptop case.

The cases we decided on were the Pacific Design Nucleus and the Slappa FlipTop.  We had a change of clothing and the toiletries in the Slappa case.  The Slappa was light weight and easy to stow. The super slim Nucleus was perfect for carrying the electronics gear and an latest issue of MAKE magazine.  We found the two to be a great overnight travel combo.

We wanted to know if we could get away with not taking a laptop with us on this day trip to Dallas.  To stay connected, we took the Blackberry and the AnyCom BT keyboard.  The problem was we didn't bring the instructions on how to power up the keyboard to connect to the BlackBerry...so that test was kind of a flop.   We are going to have to write the power-on key sequence (<Cntl><Left Fn><Right Fn>) on the back of the keyboard for next time.

For sonic isolation during the flight, we brought along the iPod nano and the Etymotic ER6.  This combo worked GREAT.  The headphones were so comfortable that we had them in the entire 4 hours on both flights.

To keep track of the proper time, we set the "AWAY" city to be Dallas and the Cozmo did the rest.  To we save ourselves some time, we printed our boarding pass before getting to the airport.  This saved us from having to wait online at the self-service kiosk.  The gate did change on us by the time we got there...so always double check when you arrive at the airport. 

We were in and out of Dallas with no problems.  Both AA flights were ahead of schedule!  In fact, the only snag on this entire trip was getting home from Boston Logan at midnight.  There was a traffic jam inside the tunnel and it took us 20 minutes to crawl out of it.  It was a little frustrating that there was traffic in Boston even at midnight...at least most of the gear performed well :-)  Happy Flying!


November 9,2006(TechCaseThursday)

Many of you wrote and asked how the OtterBox laptop case we mentioned last week compared to Matias' LaptopArmor unit.  Both cases are very well made, designed to protect the laptop, and are great looking in their own ways.  They also differ in many significant aspects, both in their design and in the type of protection they offer.

The OtterBox is bigger and thicker than the Matias case.  The material used is very strong.  In fact, OtterBox claims it is so strong that you can stand on the case.  We wouldn't recommend that with most other cases.  

The OtterBox is also designed to handle a dunking without letting water into the interior of the case.  It is the water protection aspect of the OtterBox which puts it at a different class.

The OtterBox case has both a keyed lock and latches.  The latches are designed to apply even pressure on the internal seal to lock out moisture.  The keyed lock prevents unauthorized access to the case's contents.

The OtterBox folks came up with a very clever mechanism to enable the user to easily and quickly secure most laptops inside this case.  Next time we'll go into more detail on how that is done.  For now, click and enjoy the usual close ups :-)  BTW, we are looking for volunteers who are willing to have us put their laptop in this case and drop it into a swimming pool.  Let us know if you are interested.  Oh...you know there will be video.


November 8,2006(WowUsWednesday)

RainyDayMagazine congratulates Governor Elect Deval Patrick in his victory!  We look forward to a new and better future. 

Sixteen years is too long for any one party to be in control.  We are happy to see some new thinking in the corner office.  Time to get to work.

We were searching for cheap 500GB drives, but instead managed to uncover this amazing buy on a Seagate 250GB unit for just $45!!!

We are talking a terabyte for under $200!!! Yes, you will have to jump through a few hoops to get the $105 in rebates, but this deal is currently the best one anywhere on the planet.  Here is what you get for your money:

  • Seagate 250GB 7200RPM 8MB ATA-100 OEM Hard Drive
  • CA Internet Security Suite 2007 w/ $6,500 Identity Theft and Virus Protection
  • $44.99* (US) Price after $105 MIR, rebate expires 11/30/06

This deal is going to FLY...so get your credit card out and click here.


November 7,2006(GoVoteTuesday)

Last Tuesday we gave you a quick peek of the Addonics Storage Tower.  This case has enough room for four IDE devices (drives, CDROM, DVD, etc...) of your choice. 

We were going to put in four 250GB drives, but now we are not too sure.  Would two 500GB drives make more sense?  That way, we can add a few DVD/CD burners.  How would you configure this unit?

Getting to the interior of the Addonics 4 Bay case is quick and straight forward.  Just remove one screw, slide the side panel back, and you have full access to the internal mount. 

The slits on the side are for mounting the drives.  All of the ribbon cables, power connectors, and USB interface card are included in the unit.

We are going to spend the week looking for deals on 500GB drives.  Hopefully we'll have this unit up and running by next TechTuesday.


November 6,2006(MakeADifferenceMonday)

Want to make a difference? VOTE on Tuesday! If we don't exercise our right to vote on Tuesday then we are dishonoring the sacrifice of those who fought to give us that right.

If you like the job your representatives have been doing, then send them back for another term. If you don't like what you have been seeing, then send somebody else. How great is that!!! Kids follow their parent's example. Set a good one. Take you kids with you and go vote!


November 4,2006 (WeekendEdition)

The Porsche Boxster is a really fun project car.  Things are very accessible and its general construction is fairly simple.  Most of our projects on the Boxster have been to its audio system.  Today, we decided to tackle a problem we have been putting up with for about five years... the dreaded peeling door lid covers.

This "bubbling" is generally thought to be caused by the interaction of chemicals in sunscreen and the rubberized coating on the surface of the lid.  What is amazing is that this problem was never properly addressed by Porsche.  One would think they would expect people to wear sunscreen when driving around in a convertible :-)

The first step to this project is to remove the lid from the door.  When we had the lids replaced a few years ago, it took the dealer a better part of an hour to do it. 

The "official way" to remove the lid is to take the panel off the door, but many on PPBB have found that it was much easier to just push the pin out of the hinge.  We had no problem following this advice.  The only thing to watch out for is the grommets (red arrow) have a tendency to pop out.  There is also a spring at the back end which must be disconnected before the lid can be removed.

To cover the unsightly bubbles, we decided to do it with leather.  The piece was purchased on EBay for $15.   The 15" by 24" sheet is more than enough to do 2 or 3 sets. 

One potential issue with buying the leather piece on EBay was we couldn't tell how well it would match the Boxster's black.  Fortunately, the grain and color match was almost perfect.

We won't go into details on all of the steps today.  For now, clicking on some of the images will give a closer look.  Suffice to say the project turned out to be a lot easier that we had anticipated. 

Since no one here had any experience working with leather, we weren't sure what to expect.  Most of the steps we came up with we made up along the way. 

The basic steps to making the new cover was to cut it to size, apply a spray adhesive, and lay the leather piece over the lid.  Of course, there were a lot of smoothing, stretching, and clamping.  The details will all be in the RainyDayGarage project write-up.

The entire project took about an hour and a half from start to finish.  It will take us longer to write it up than it was to do.  There were some tricky parts... especially with getting the leather properly glued to the edges of the lids without bunching up.  We took a lot of photos detailing the entire process and will have the project article available in a few days.

Those of you out there with unsightly lids ... take heart in knowing that there is now a $20 solution to your problem :-)  Oh, if only the world's problems were so easily solved!


November 3,2006 (FurryFriendsFriday)

Which one is right for you?  That depends on how much space you have.  Lot's of room? The "crazy cat lady" setup may be just the thing.  If you like to maximize you space, then the SleepyPod may be the perfect accessory for you and your pet.

As soon as they are done with their naps, our furry interns are going to give both of these products a thorough "paws-on" test.


November 2,2006 (LaptopTechThursday)

Need to protect your laptop from moisture under the most adverse conditions?  If you have been one of our frequent readers, you would already know that OtterBox is the company to look to for that kind of protection.

If we think there is a chance our gear may get splashed, we put them in an OtterBox.  If we need to keep dirt and grit out, we put them in an OtterBox.  If we need to see what is inside the box without having to open the box, we put them in an OtterBox. 

Hmmm... wouldn't it be GREAT if OtterBox made a laptop case?  Well, UPS brought us just such a surprise today.  The official name is the OtterBox 7000.  They should call it TheVault.  As soon as we grabbed the handle of the case, we could tell it was built to take some knocking around.  This case feels SOLID!

Some of you have been waiting for this FirstLook for a while now... the wait is almost over :-)  Click on the images to get a closer look at the overall case, the hinge, and the seal.  We'll have a much closer look at this incredible laptop case next week.  For now, you will have to just take our word for it...it looks pretty awesome.  

Many of you have been asking about the AnyCom Bluetooth keyboard.  We have been playing with it for almost a month now, but have not had a chance to write-up our FirstLook review until now.

We were impressed with how cleverly the hinge mechanism is designed.  The feel and travel of the keys when pressed were very similar to that of a regular unit.  Go here to check out the FirstLook review. 


November 1,2006 (WowUsWednesday)

A scaled down version of Patric Blanc's "living installations" would make a great RainyDayGarden project.  We will attempt to make a small indoor one this Winter.  

There is one of Patrick Blanc's installations somewhere in NYC.  We will have to track it down on our next trip into Manhattan.  If you find it first, take photo of you in front of it, send it to us...we'll send you something for your efforts.

One of the plants we will use for our "living wall" are these AirPlants or otherwise known as bromeliads.  Some varieties of these plants get their moisture and nutrients directly from the air.

They have very interesting flowers, are virtually maintenance free, and should be perfect for this project. 


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