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Products from The Buffalo Guys are always a HUGE favorite at the RainyDayKitchen events.  For SausageFest, we featured four different kinds of Buffalo Sausages (Bratwurst, Polish, Andouille, and Hot Dogs).  Just click on any of the images if you want a closer look.

For guests who want a little more heat with their meat, we have salsas and mustards from Dave's Gourmet.  Dave's Gourmet flavorings are just "insane!"  We have been reading some pretty great things about grapeseed oil.  So this year, instead of olive oil for the cous cous salad, we are using lemon-flavored grapeseed oil from Salute Sante

BTW... our new QuadTimer (gadget on the left) also got quite a workout today.  It was especially useful when we had multiple things cooking on top of the stove...by different people! The QuadTimer let everyone track their time without confusion.

There is, of course, plenty of beer and soda to wash everything down.  Guest are always welcome to mix up their favorite flavor using our Soda Club machine.  This year we have the new Apple + Peach flavor for the event.

Sausage IS a competition.  This year we had three different grills going at the same time.  Guests can choose their favorite style from our collection of grills (charcoal, open flame gas, or griddle).  They were responsible for cooking up their entries.

We will have to count up all the entries, but needless to say, as typical of past SausageFest events, there are a LOT of different types of sausages.  We are also indoctrinating the next generation of sausage lovers at this year's SausageFest. 

As always, all of the sausages from the Buffalo Guys were gone in a flash.  Our Man Gordon brought his Chinese-style sweet sausage (below), a previous two-time "Crowd Pleaser" champion (now officially retired).

Coffee drinks were served up by Sebastian, one of our young RainyDayIntern baristas.  The Jura Impressa Z5 is so simple to use that anyone can make a perfect espresso...which, of course, was exactly what everyone needed to complement the Simply Divine Brownies

We would post more, but we are all in a bit of a food coma right now...



SausageFest 2006

By Wan Chi Lau

Everyone had a great time at the Forth Annual SausageFest

Now that we have sponsored this event four times, we have come up with the perfect SausageFest flow:Guests register their sausage entries upon arrival, then are led out back where they choose which grill they will use for cooking their own sausages.  This frees up the RainyDayKitchen staff to actually enjoy the event.

The event had tons of food, and most of it managed to find good homes (in people's tummies) by the time the event was over.  There is already talk of "secret sources" for next year's ultimate sausage competition!

Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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