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The Aeron chair is designed for SERIOUS office work.  Apparently it is pretty comfortable for napping as well, at least for Eliot.  The chair is not padded in the usual fashion.  Both the back and seat are made of a tough mesh material which enables plenty of air flow...epecially important on those warm Boston Summer days.

The secret to the chair's comfort is the huge number of adjustible options available on it.  Each arm is individually adjustible both vertically AND horizontally.

Adjusting it vertically is a simple matter of loosening the knob, sliding the arm to the desired height, and locking it back in place.  Horizontal adjustment is easily done by moving the pad to one of three pre-notched positions.

The adjustible lumbar pad is a feature of the Aeron which allows it to give exact support to a variety of body shapes.  The support is also reversible, which allows it to provide support for backs with deeper or shallower curves.

The key to the Aeron's support is the spring mechanism underneath the seat.  The cantilevel construction allows the entire seat to "float" flat and shift properly when weight is shifted around.

The levers on both sides of the chair allow for lots of different possible adjustments: front tilt, back tilt, up/down, tilt tension, etc...

We have had our Aeron chairs for years now.  They have not needed any servicing the entire time.  They do come in different sizes and different colors.  Take it from us, this chair will take years of uses and abuses.  Take it from Eliot, this chair is as comfortable as it looks! 



Herman Miller

Aeron Chair

By Wan Chi Lau

We knew we would be spending a LOT of time sitting and we wanted chairs which would promote good posture and last a long time.

When we furnished the office, we got Aeron chairs for everybody.  Herman Miller's Aeron chair is probably one of the more recognizable office chairs around. 

This chair is unlike any other...the mesh material, the support system, and the adjustibility are all unique to this design.

If you are considering an office chair for serious office work, put this chair on the top of your list.  Why sit in something which is not fabulously comfortable when you have to sit for hours at a stretch?


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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