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We got these Mortise sunglasses in July.  After a few months, most of the folks here have had a chance to try them out.  We decided it was time to post our InTheWild report. 

We have been using two pairs of 180s here at RainyDayMagazine.  One pair used standard lenses and the other pair used polarized lenses.

We had some initial problems with the standard pair and its interchangeable lenses.  The orange and clear lenses did not fit easily into the frame (the dark lens was fine).  Note the gap in the left image below, not present in the image above.  We noticed that the orange lens was actually a little bit bigger than the dark lens and was probably the reason why it did not fit.

We had a diamond glass grinder in the shop so we were able to grind down the excess.  We had no problems with the lens once we were able to match the size to the dark lens.

We also encountered a problem the first time we used the glasses in cold weather.  The temperature was about 34º and we were going to the Arnold Arboretum to test out some snowshoes.  The frame snapped into two pieces when we tried to put them on.

We can't be sure if it was the cold or if the frame had been damaged by somebody else during some other outing.  We tried to glue it back together using SuperGlue, but it did not hold.

We sent a message via email to 180s support site.  A week went by, but we received no responses.  We decided to try their tech support number and was connected to a live person.  She was very pleasant, asked us a few questions, took down our contact info, address, and some other details about what was wrong with the Mortise.  She said we would get a replacement in the mail.  Sure enough, about ten days later, a new pair showed up in the mail!

We always like to highlight companies that provide good customer service.  While we had some initial problems with the Mortise, they definitely stood behind their product and made good on their guarantee. 

NOTE:  We did not register the product under the magazine's name.  We just used a name, address, and contact number...so it was unlikely they knew who we were when we asked for a replacement.



Mortise Eyegear

By Wan Chi Lau

The folks at 180s make gear that work as hard as you play.  We took a look at some of their winter gear a little while ago and liked what we saw. 

We are back this time with a First Look review about their eye protection offerings.

It is easy to find different styles of sunglasses, both for fashion and for eye protection.  The 180s Mortise Eyegear offers both with some innovations thrown in. 

The 180s designers are all about function...no MP3 players or over-the-head frames here.  They took a look at some of the problems with eyeglass wear--frames slipping off your nose, ear pieces not being comfortable, weight--and addressed them in their line of performance eye gear.

In the RainyDayMagazine "First Look" review of the Mortise, we reported on our initial impressions and pointed out some of the innovations.

We also used them throughout the summer and reported on their performance.

In this review we'll show you how the Mortise Eyegear held up "In The Wild"!

Review Summary:

Initial Impression- flexible, light

Usability- user changeable lens

Durability- Broke from the cold, no hassle replacement direct from the co.

Price- List price: $100


- FirstLook

- FirstUse

- InTheWild



Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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