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The first "train" ride starts at 6PM.  We got there around 7PM. The crowd was pretty light and we got on the train without having to wait in line. Good thing too since it was about 40º out.

There are anywhere from 3000 to 5000 pumpkins on display at any given time.  Click on any of the images to get a closer look.  The crew at Lookout Farm is constantly carving new ones.  It takes about 15 people about 90 minutes to light all the pumpkins every night.

Many of the amazingly carved pumpkins are made by artists from around the country.  We saw a wide variety of themes and styles...some scary, some funny, all were beautifully done.  The Great Pumpkin Express was quite a treat and got everyone here in the right frame of mind for Halloween!

The Great Pumpkin Express will run until Halloween (Tuesday).   There are events going on at the Outlook Farm all year around.  Check their calendar if you are looking from something fun to do for the whole family.



Great Pumpkin Express 2006

Outlook Farm

By Wan Chi Lau

Some of the folks in the office were disappointed that we were not on hand to witness the record pumpkin lighting event in Boston, so were determined to find something similar. 

What they came up with was a ride on the Great Pumpkin Express at Lookout Farm in South Natick, MA.


Spring Outing:

1. The Gear

2. The Onyx Hotel

3. Hiking the North End

         The Freedom Trail

         Faneuil Hall


         The neighborhood


Winter Outing:

1. The Gear

2. Heading to Jackson

3. The Inn

4. The Outing


Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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