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Apr 11,2008(FotoFriday)

When we took the Nikon D40 out for the first time, we chose the Kata W-92 waist pack for the outing.  It worked just fine, but we realized that for times when we don't need to carry any other accessories (extra lens, external flash, etc...) it was actually too much for our needs.

We went back to the Kata site and looked around to see if there was something which would be a middle ground between a backpack and a waist pack.  It was then we came upon the T-212.

The T-212 is a "sling-style" bag designed for active photographers.  It offers gear protection, easy access, but with a minimum of bulk.  Another plus with the Kata T-212 is it's a part of Kata's integrated EPH System. 

The pack can stand on its own, but it is designed to function with other Kata bags (W-92, R-102) for times when you need to be both mobile AND well equipped.  We'll have a FirstLook of this innovative camera bag later on this month.  [Permalink] - Wan Chi Lau


Apr 10,2008(TellYourFriendsThursday)

Many of you have emailed us to say that you are constantly spreading the word about our little online magazine.  Well, we LIKE that!

To show our appreciation, we'll be giving away some of these cool Saitek mice and USB hubs this month to those who can send us proof (a link to the mention on some other site with your name would work).   Drop us a note with your "proof" and we'll put your name on a list.  At the end of the month, we'll give away a mouse and a hub to our biggest "evangelist."   We'll also give away a mouse and a hub to some lucky winner pulled from that list.   [Permalink] - Wan Chi Lau


Apr 9,2008(GlobalWarmingWednesday)

We recieved the following clip via email yesterday...

You will not see anything better on John Stewart or The Colbert Report.  No fancy special effects, just sharp, biting commentary on the state of our leadership.  Just keep reminding yourself, change is coming. [Permalink] - Wan Chi Lau

BTW, congrats to Justin P of San Antionio TX.  Justin was the first reader with the correct answer to this little hidden RainyDayContest question.  Justin, your Saitek mouse will be on its way shortly.


Apr 8,2008(LanguageTutorTuesday)

Learning how to write Chinese requires a lot of practice and memorizaton.  Learning how to speak Chinese is quite a bit easier.  Since there are many dialects to the Chinese language, learning one may not be sufficient.

Some of us here already speak Cantonese.  However, we are interested in learning how to speak Mandarin.  There are many "systems" available, but we have selected a few which looked the most promising.

Some courses use a combination of book and CDs, others are all CDs.  To be sure that we have time for this project, all of the ones we picked have a CD component.  The plan is to use our commute time to listen to them... oh, the interns are going to love us for this!

We'll be trying about six of these courses from now until Fall.  Along the way, we will also show you how to convert them for listening on the iPod and other portable players.

So, if you have always wanted to learn Chinese, you can follow this project along and see if any of the ones we tried appeal to you.  Or you can just wait until we are done and get the one we think is the best of the lot.   [Permalink] - Wan Chi Lau


Apr 7,2008(MobileMonday)

Carrying our laptops around just got easier with these BUILT neoprene laptop Porter and Sleeve.  They come in different sizes.  The ones we got can hold up to 15" laptops with accessories. 

The brown one is the Cargo Laptop Sleeve.  Those looking closely will noticed the slight curve at the sides of the case.  It is this "hourglass" shape which allows the Sleeve to self-adjust its fit to different size laptops.  The "Medium" one can accommodate laptops from 13" to 15"

Another clever design feature is the stretchy external pockets for accessories such as power adapters, external mouse, and USB memory sticks.  With the Cargo Laptop Sleeve is a great cushion for the laptop and it lets us neatly carry all the associated gear around with ease.

When we want a light weight case with a handle and a strap, the bag we'll reach for will be BUILT's Laptop Porter.  The Porter is made with the same stretchy neoprene material. 

Our 15" MacBook Pro fits perfectly in the case. There are two exterior pockets for files, magazine, or accessories.  The strap have wide plastic hooks which slips into custom holes on the case.

There is a heavy duty zipper closure in the center compartment.  All of the stitching zigzagged for strength.  The integrated handle makes the bag easy and comfortable to carry.

We'll be giving both of these BUILT laptop carriers a good workout the next few months.  Come back at the end of Spring and we'll let you know how they fared.  [Permalink] - Wan Chi Lau


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