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August 9-10,2008 (WeekendEdition)

The crew held the fifth annual RainyDayMagazine SausageFest this weekend.  Kristin from L.A. flew in to help out with the event.  We were thrilled to have her, even after she told us we needed to drop her off at Logan Airport at 4:30 AM for her return flight on Sunday morning. 

The timing of the event was perfect as our friends from Italy, Toby and Francesca, were passing through town on their way to Martha's Vineyard and were able to drop by for a few bites. 

SausageFest is an event where we invite folks to find some interesting sauages, bring them by, grill them up, and share them amongst all who attend.  We all rank them at the end of the feast and the winners in the various categories (Crowd Pleaser, Most Exotic, Best non-meat, Best Homemade) get to bring home fabulous prizes from the RainyDayPile.

RainyDayMagazine's "house" sausage (not part of the competition as the house is not allow to win) has been from the Buffalo Guys for the past three years.  Why?  Because they always bring down the house!  Buffalo meat makes great sausages.  It has just the right amount of juices and has incredible flavor.  The hot dogs are out of this world.  Just writing about them is making my mouth water.

Of course, SausageFest is also the perfect time to try some new beers, new recipes for sides (mango chick pea salad, broccoli feta salad, etc...), and even new charcoals.

Three different grills (one charcoal, two gas) are available for folks to use.  The Weber and the Coleman are normally used for grilling the meat.  The Thermos is reserved for non-meat sausages and vegetables.

Guests started arriving around 3PM.  The sausages started coming off the grills around 4:30 and the feasting began.  A steady stream of meats (lamb, pork, buffalo, etc...) flowed into the "sampling room" for about two hours.

The sampling of the various entries as they came off the grill was fast and furious.  The house sausages, supplied by the Buffalo Guys, were gone in a flash. 

As always, everyone had great time grilling, eating, and voting.  We enjoyed hosting the event and are looking forward to hosting it again next year!  [Permalink] - SausageFest 2008


August 8,2008 (PhenomenalFriday)

It is not often we get totally blown away by staged events, but the opening ceremonies of the Beijing 2008 Olympics did just that as it was nothing short of phenomenal.

It was a world class show of China's creativity, whether it was 2000 Tai Chi masters positioning themselves in huge circles executing ancient martial arts moves in unison or as rectangular boxes behaving as pixels on a digital display.  If you missed it, you can see snippets of it here, but to truly appreciate the scope of the event you will need to see it in its entirety. [Permalink] - Beijing 2008 Opening Ceremony


August 7,2008 (TechThursday)

We have been a big proponent of mind-mapping for notes-taking, general organization, and brainstorming.  The PersonalBrain is the software implementation of this technique.  We have been using  it for our various mind-mapping tasks past six years.  One feature we have been asking for is a Mac version of this great piece of software.

When Apple moved to the Intel processor, we knew that it would just be a matter of time before the PersonaBrain will be available on OSX.  We are happy to say that day has arrived!  Actually, it arrived over a year ago, but we were just too busy to notice.

In any case, we recently downloaded version 4.5 for OSX, installed it on our PowerBook, and will be checking out its new features over the next few days.  There will be a full review once we have had an opportunity to merge all the brains we have created these past years. [Permalink] - Personal Brain for OSX


August 6,2008 (WowUsWednesday)

Three years ago we mentioned a game called Spore.  We haven't heard anything about them since.  A few days ago, we got an email from Spore saying they are now "getting ready" to ship.  OK... who are you again?  Oh, right, the guys who created SimCity!

We are excited about a game where we are able to create creatures and let them interact.  We are still intrigued, not enough to download the Creature Creator, but we may give the game a try if it actually ships.  Readers...if you do end up giving this a try, let us know what lovable hopping, swimming, strutting creation you managed to "evolve." [Permalink] - Spore Creature Creator


August 5,2008 (Tuesday)

The OtterBox 3500 is a great container for our Lensbaby gear.  It is clear, crush-proof, and water-tight.  We have had it out in the field for a month now and the setup has worked pretty well.  Each individual Lensbaby item was protected by its own pouch.  This prevented the gear from scratching each other when in the OtterBox. But, getting to them was a bit of a pain.  

We thought, wouldn't it be great if there was an insert for the OtterBox which we could customize for the Lensbaby and its accessories?  Then someone remembered we had saved the excess foam removed from the Pelican case.  We could definitely use that for this project!

As it turns out, the foam was perfect.  To get the rough dimensions, we placed the case on the foam and ripped off a block thta was sized just a bit bigger than the interior the box.  Removing the corners enabled the block to fit better.  We cut the block such that the foam filled about half of the OtterBox.

We tried a few layouts and found the one above to be the most workable.  Since the foam blocks have been precut, removing the interior pieces were fairly easy.  Our recommendation is to keep testing the fit after each removal.  It is easier to take more foam off then to put it back on.

The whole process took just a few minutes.  We also "evolved" the layout a bit during the course of fitting the various pieces into place. 

The apeture wand was moved to the left and the macro lenses moved from the center to the right side.  The two telephoto lens attachements were too close together when placed directly across from each other, so we staggered them to give them a bit more room. 

We are going to try this configuration out for a few weeks and see how it works out.  If we don't like it, we still have the mirror half of the foam for another go :-)  [Permalink] - OtterBox insert


August 4,2008 (OtterCaseModMonday)

We have been having a LOT of fun with our Lensbaby gear.   For the first few weeks, we were just using the main lens without any of the close-up or telephoto attachments, learning how to get the focus to the spot we want.  There are a lot of possible adjustments to the Lensbaby.

The various knobs took a little getting used to as they all have the same feel.  To use them properly, you have to look to make sure they are the ones you want.  All of these experiences with the lens and accessories had been in the studio.

Recently we have been spending more time with the close-up attachments.  Some of the images weren't planned, but they turned out interesting nonetheless. 

In July, we started to take the lens out of the studio more and more.  To protect the lens, we packed it in the original box.  One thing we quickly noticed was that the form-fitting plastic box that came with the lens was not really designed for use in the field.

Our solution to the problem?  Pack everything in an OtterBox 3500.  The box is waterproof to 100 feet, crush-proof, and airtight.  There are even different colors to choose from.  The clear version seemed the best choice for this application as it would let us easily see if anything was missing. 

With the Lensbaby gear stowed in the OtterBox, we could now pack it with our other field gear without having to worry about accidentally damaging it.  We are shooting a lot more with the Lenbaby now that we can easily take it with us.  Tomorrow we'll show one simple customization we've made to the OtterBox which allowed us to even better protect and and access the Lensbaby gear when shooting out InTheWild. [Permalink] - OtterBox Lensbaby case


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