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December 25,2008 (Christmas)
In lieu of Christmas presents or a holiday bonus, we have decided to give everyone a two week break. 

We'll be back after the new year.  We want to wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! [Permalink] - Merry Christmas

BTW, all open RainyDayContests end when the ball drops in NYC.  So readers have from now until then to enter.  If you didn't win anything this year, don't worry... we'll have lots of great stuff to give away next year!


December 24,2008 (HolidayGiftGuide)

Merry Christmas!!!

Happy Holidays!!!


December 23,2008 (HolidayGiftGuide)
Need some last minute gift ideas or stocking stuffers?  Today's collection of items will fit in a stocking and the budget. Just click on any of the items in the collection below to find out more about it.

OK, maybe a Navigon 7200T GPS or the Supertooth3 speakerphone are not your typical "stocking stuffers," but some stockings are better stuffed than others :-)  If you are giving a car to your significant other for Christmas this year, why not put these items in his/her stocking to make their driving easier

Our last 2008 gift guide suggestion is to not forget about batteries for all the gear and gadgets.  If you have been with us for a while, you know we use the Eneloop rechargeable batteries for all of our AA and AAA devices (camera flash, toys, flashlights).  To power larger devices (laptops, DVD players, etc.) or to extend the use of power hungry gadgets (cameras, iPods, etc.), we hook our gear up to the Tekkeon myPowerAll Plus.  For when we are REALLY away from the grid, Brunton powerpack and solar panels (roll, fold) is how we roll.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! [Permalink] - RainyDay Stocking Stuffers


December 22,2008 (MoreSnowMonday)
Boston was blanketed with over a foot of snow from the storms on Friday and Sunday.  We did not venture into the city all weekend, but did manage to make our way to the Arnold Arboretum on Sunday for a walk.

The day's forecast was for freezing rain and we wanted to get some photos of the snow before things turned sloppy.  By the time we got out of the car the storm had picked up and visibility was starting to drop. 

Inspite of the storm, the Arnold Arboretum was teaming with activity.  Folks were out hiking, x-country skiing, and walking their dogs.  Even the cardinals were out flitting about and making a racket :-)

A few days ago we mentioned that we carry our gear in Kata bags when we go out.  This weekend was a perfect example of why.  Even in a blowing snow storm, the Kata sling protected our gear and the all weather shield let us shoot unhindered.

By the time we finished our walk and made it back to the office, the plow had came by and cleared the main drive.  However, a lot of shoveling was still left to be done.  If we don't clear things out now, the freezing rain may make it impossible to shovel later. 

After some discussion, we decided it was easier to just feed the birds, leave the snow on the Boxster, and go inside and make some espresso.  We can always work from home tomorrow.

The roads may be covered in a sheet of ice for a few days if the temperature does not start climbing.  That would be a bit of a problem as some of us have yet to start our Christmas shopping!!!  [Permalink] - First Storm


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