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January 8,2009 (TravelBagThursday)

We use the Kata W-92 waist pack to carry our Nikon D40. We also have the larger Kata WS-604 bag which was used for transporting some of the less often used gear and the occassional telescope. 

The W92 case was our first choice because it is compact, light weight, and yet still roomy enough for all the associated accessories (flash, extra lens, battery grip, etc...).  

However, with the longer Nikkor 18-200mm VR lens on the bigger D90 body, the Kata W92 bag is a little too small for the task.  When we took the D90 for its first outing this past weekend, we reconfigured the Kata WS-604 bag to carry the larger camera and gear for the roadtrip.

All of the padded internal panels have velcro ends so moving them was easy.  The velcro holds REALLY way, so the panels stay where they are placed.  This allowed us to create configurations which are difficult to do with other systems.  As the WS-604 is a much deeper case compared to the W92, we were able to construct a custom "cradle" to support the heavier 18-200mm lens.

The bottom of the Ws-604 is well padded, but the "cradle" will cushion the lens in a more horizontal position when the camera is in the bag.  Access to the camera is unrestricted and we can just "grab and shoot."

The Kata WS-604 is a medium size bag which will enable us to take the D90 out into the field without worry.  We have a few accessories coming (battery grip, extra batteries, etc...) for the D90.  This bigger bag should have no problem handling it.  If you are moving up to the larger SLRs, go check out this bag.  You will be getting the same great Kata protection, but a lot more room.  [Permalink]- Kata WS-604 w/D90


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