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January 17-18,2009 (WeekendEdition)

Our YES Cozmo watch was behaving oddly a few weeks go (fading LCD display, odd alarm behavior, etc...).  We realized the battery must be starting to fade.  This week the main display totally went blank, but the 24hr hand was still functioning.  Apparently, the Cozmo has two different batteries powering the various functions.  

Anyway, we thought this would be a good opportunity to open up the Cozmo, take a look at the innards, and show how to do the battery replacement for the watch.  Click on any of the images for a larger version and a closer look.

The back of the watch has notches to facilitate gripping the back and turning.  Our problem was none of the tools we have were wide enough to properly grip the notches.

A search on EBay turned up an interesting item (HORB) which may solve our problem.  It is a simple but very effective tool sold by a local company called Boston Watch Exchange.  They sell a lot of watch repair and servicing tools under the Ebay user name "WatchDetails." Using the HORB, we were able to open the back with a press and a twist.  No danger of marring the back with a metal tool.

The large battery is a CR2032.  It's lifespan is about 3 years.  There is also a smaller lithium battery (V364) which powers the 24hr analog hand.  The larger battery may be removed once the locking spring was freed.

NOTE: no screws need be removed in this replacement operation

Using the HORB, this battery replacement operation took about 5 minutes.  If you want to do your own battery replacement and your watch has a screwed in back (most water resistent watches do), this tool will save you a LOT of potential headaches.   [Permalink]- YES Cozmo battery replacement


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