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July 19,2009

Today was a perfect day for the 1st Annual Great American Car Show at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum.  The event was made possible by the FORD MOTOR COMPANY in collaboration with the Greater Boston YMCA.  Judging by the turnout, it was an enormous success.

Everything American was welcome to today's event, including Pre-War Classics, Post-War Classics, Muscle Cars, Pony Cars, Modern Exotics, Street Machines, Customs, Hot-Rods, and Motorcycles.  A lot of folks brought their "babies" to the event.

We got there around 10AM and the place was already hopping.  It was going to take the better half of the day if we wanted to check out all the cars.  We didn't have that much time, so we only looked at the red ones... and there were a lot of them!

We spent about an hour walking around, but it was this metallic gold Excalibur Cobra that stopped us in our tracks.  This car is owned by Anthony Fernandez and is in fantastic condition.  The crest is on the hood of the car is actually that of his family's.

One of the fun things about being at these events is being able to get up close and getting a really good look at the interesting details (side window, dash, convertible top) of the cars.

Not all the great American autos were outside on the Museum's lawn.  One of them was in the main gallery inside the Museum.  The car is a Ford Taurus.  Yes, we said a Taurus.

Ford made available one of its redesigned 2010 Taurus models for the event.  Ford also sent the head of the design team, Earl Lucus, to personally talk to the crowd about the redesigned Taurus.  It was an awesome PR move as they could not have found a more receptive audience.  The talk was a huge crowd pleaser.

The Taurus's image is a dependable family car, not too exciting, but it gets the kids from A to B.  Ford wanted to keep that fundamental usability of a family car (carries 4, lots of trunk space, etc...) but asked...why not also give it the styling of a much higher-end luxury/sports sedan?

While they were at it, they also made it feature competitive with technologies found only in cars at twice the price.  Features like keyless entry, adaptive cruise control, rear view camera, voice-activated navigation, brake-assisted collision avoidance, etc... 

From the outside, the lines gives the vehicle the appearance of a much smaller and lower car.  This is a well designed illusion.  The car will easily accommodate four adults.  Under the hood can fit an engine with up to 365HP.  The trunk is huge. 

The Taurus model at the event ran just under $30K fully loaded.  If we were in the market for a 4-door sedan, this 2010 Taurus would definitely be on our list...in silver, of course.

We are not sure how long the 2010 Taurus will be at the LAAM.  It may already be gone (we forgot to ask!).  However, if you have a chance to take a look at one in person, definitely do.  We think you will be impressed.    [Permalink] - Great American Car Show


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