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April 2,2010

Today is the opening day of the NYIAS. This annual event will see over a million visitors wander through the Jacob Javits Convention center over the course of this weekend. The amount of organization, coordination, and physical labor which goes into pulling something like this together is simply staggering. Today, we want to give some credit to the all the onstage and backstage folks (set constructors, booth babes, etc...) who work so hard to make the show a fun and exciting event for all who attend.

The use of eye-catching displays is a time-tested method of drawing showgoers over to a vendor's booth. Slick video walls, touch panels, and interactive kiosks were out in full force at the show. We saw one made using a few dozen iPod Touches which was pretty innovative. How well they hold up to a couple of hundred thousand finger presses over the course of two days will be an interesting story.

Most vendors have their vehicles on the floor or on some raised rotating platform. The Scion folks decided they wanted something more MatchBox-ish and built this giant indoor garage in their display space. Getting all the cars up there must have been fun. The wall of cars can be seen even from the other end of the huge convention hall!

Of course, the tried-and-true method of getting people to stop, look, and maybe even listen is to put a pretty girl next to the car. A few car companies have also realized that not all car buyers are men. It is not an easy gig to stand in high heels and smile all day long. Many of them have to do more than just stand there and look glamorous. Most also have to memorize a prepared shpiel about the car. Surprisingly, some of them even know what they are talking about.

Not everyone has to work the "platform", but not having to stand next to a car is no picnic neither. Working the booth means constantly replenishing the bag racks and handing out literature to the passersby. The crowd is light on Press Day, but once the doors are opened to the general public, it will be a whole different scene.

A million visitors translates to plenty of fingerprints, smudges, and who-knows-what left on the paint, chrome, and glass of the cars. There is literally an army of detailers running about making sure the vehicles look as best as possible at all times. They will dust, wipe, and polish from when the doors open on April 2nd to until the show wraps on the 11th.

While a lot of the behind-the-scenes tasks are active and demanding, some are just mind-numbingly dull. We have to give a shoutout to those who are willing to suck-it-up and do it just for the paycheck. We know we wouldn't last a New York Minute if we had to suffer through those tasks.

To those fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend the NYIAS this weekend, we know you will have a great time. If you are interested in seeing what 3DTV is all about, swing by the Mercedes Benz booth and check out the 3D display. It will be worth the 30 seconds! [Permalink] -NYIAS: Opening Day



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