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April 19,2010- YES Luna...

Time was thought to be constant until Einstein demonstrated it was actually relative to the observer. This understanding launched a field of physics which may some day reveal the fundamental construction of the Universe. In this new understanding, time and space are connected in a four dimensional construct called Space-Time. While most of us travel through space-time on a vessel called Earth, some of us may some day be able to go faster. If we had to pick a watch for such a relativistic journey, the YES Luna would be high on the list.

The LUNA's case is oval ( 42 x 36 x 11 mm) and has a matching 18mm tapered bracelet with a butterfly locking clasp. The LCD window measures 28 x 21 mm, is covered by an anti-glare sapphire crystal, and the digital numbers are 6 mm tall. The case is sculpted out of a solid chunk of hypo-allergenic titanium and has a duo finish (polished and satin) that indicates daytime and nighttime. The back of the watch is polished like stainless steel but is also made from titanium. The unit is sealed to withstand up to 5 ATM (150 ft/50 M). Included with the Luna are a few different straps (leather, rubber) and tools for removing links.

Our version of Luna watch has two 0.1 ct moissanite stones in the 3 and 9'o clock positions. The use of the moissanite stones in the Luna is a nice nod to the celestial spirit of the Luna. In 1893, Dr. Ferdinand Henri Moissan discovered the a material in a meteor crater in Canyon Diablo, and the material was later named moissanite. He first mis-identified the crystals as diamonds but in 1904 correctly determined the crystals as silicon carbide (SiC). While most silicon carbide is artifically manufactured, naturally occurring silicon carbide can be found in minute quantities in certain types of meteorite and in corundum deposits and kimberlite.

The Luna has the same extensive digital functions (moon/sun tracking, PET, multiple time zones, etc...) similar to the others in the YES line. The one feature which can't be conveyed by the photos is how amazingly light titanium is and what it feels like when worn. Titanium is an excellent material to use for watches. It is strong, light, and does not react with skin chemistry. Its use is moving out of the high-end makers and being adopted by more mainstream watch manufacturers.

YES is a watch company started by Bjorn Kartomten. He wanted to create a timepiece which celebrated our inter-connectedness with the natural rhythms of the day, months and seasons. That idea gave rise to a series of watches, each with their own personalities. These watches are for anyone who is serious about time: photographers,  travelers, astronomers, and even astronaunts. We have been wearing our Cozmo for four years and is still one of our favorites.  In short, if you looking for a more intimate relationship with the cycles and rhythms around you, check out the YES watches. You will find that YES is not your average watch maker, and neither are their offerings. [Permalink] -YES Luna FirstLook


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