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Aug 2,2010 - Portable prototyping studio

Last week we posted an article on iPhone user interface prototyping. Our conclusion was that an analog approach was the quickest way to approach the initial task of designing the UI. We had assembled a few tools specifically designed for such an effort and were eager to give things a try. Fortunately for us, the weather had turned a comfortable 76º in Boston over the weekend. We thought it would be great opportunity head out to a cafe and put some of our UI thoughts to paper. We started looking around the office for a suitable carrying case for all the stuff (stencils, pads, etc...). However, none of our art portfolios, laptop bags, or iPad cases were right for the job. They were either too small, too bulky, or too big. It then struck us that an item which we had just received for this month's head-to-head iPad case review would make a perfect carrier for all of the prototyping gear.

The leather case is the M-Edge Method Portfolio from M-Edge, a maker of things fashionable and protective for eReaders. Unlike many iPad covers and cases, this one was designed for carrying an iPad along with some other accessories (cables, charger, etc...). While it is a little bigger than most iPad cases, it is much smaller than the typical laptop bag, and exactly what we needed.

It has a pocket on the side large enough for the APress iPhone Sketchbook. The inside panel has elastic bands in the corners, perfect for keeping the stencils in place. The case was surprisingly spacious. Even with the sketchbook in the front pocket, there was enough room for another drawing pad.

This M-Edge Method Portfolio looks to be an awesome iPad case and we'll examine it in detail soon enough. However, until it is time for the head-to-head iPad case review, we'll keep our pads, stencils, and pens in this M-Edge case because it is the perfect carrier for all of our on-the-go iPhone UI prototyping gear :-) [Permalink] - Portable prototyping studio


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