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Aug 30,2010 - I am Milo ...

My name is Milo Suetonius Barney MacFarquharson, but everybody here just calls me Milo. I joined Team RainyDay at the end of May as a Summer intern. The folks here have been great. I have been eating and sleeping a LOT, but I have also managed to learn quite a bit of really cool stuff.

My day used to be mostly filled with running around whacking at shiny things, eating an occasional bug or two, and chasing what turned out to be my tail. I have learned there is no kitten behind the mirror, don't try to climb when you just got your nails clipped, and that it is really hard to stop when running down the stairs. Although I was not that coordinated when I arrived, I'm much better now.

On the plus side, I'm am really, really smart. I am almost up to speed on iPad programming, have managed to fixed a problem with the Mac Mini's WiFi network, and have been working on other IT-related office projects. Even though Apple's hardware is pretty easy to setup and use, the work was still pretty exhausting. It is a good thing that napping at the desk is not frowned upon around here!!!

Eliot, the senior intern, has made napping into an art form. As my sempai, Eliot has first-dibs on all of the best napping nooks around the office (couch, window, chair). He doesn't really like to share his napping spots. Most of the time, I just have to wait my turn or go find someplace else. However, if I'm REALLY stealthy, I can sneak up next to him and squeeze myself into his spot.

There is something about my body mass as a kitten being too small to generate much heat.  So what I like is to wait until Eliot is in a deep sleep and snuggle up. The problem is Eliot is really a big chair-hog. I really have to push to get my share of room. Now that I'm little bigger, it is easier to do, but still...the guy is a stone!

It has been a great Summer and I've learned a lot. While the iPad is cool and all, I still prefer to use the big screen. Working the trackpad is pretty simple, but typing without a thumb is not as easy as you might think. Tomorrow, I will be posting my first product review. It is something I've been using since I arrived here at RainyDayMagazine. Look for it! [Permalink] -I am Milo


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