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Aug 31,2010 - CraterDot ITW ...a MiloReport

One of my favorite spots in the RainyDayMagazine office is the CraterDot, specifically the green CraterDot. It is a great spot for both napping and playing. The great thing about it is it can make any spot a comfy spot.

As a sleeping surface, the CraterDot is great, but it is excellent for play as well. The CraterDot is the only place in the office where my claws work really well! I can knead, claw, and scratch to my hearts content. The removable and washable color section is a very convenient feature...just in case I spill a drink or something.

Eliot is also a fan of the CraterDot. He is more partial to the grey one. Some think it is because he likes the contrast of the cover with his coloring. Personally, I think he likes it because he doesn't have to share it with anyone. For some reason, he doesn't like getting kicked in the back when he is sleeping. Psst...want to know a secret? I sometimes curl up in his CraterDot right after he leaves because it is still nice and warm!!!

We got the CraterDots in May. The FirstLook has more info and a closer look at the details. The CraterDot is a creation from SleepyPod. Go check out their site for other pet-friendly products. [Permalink] -CraterDot InTheWild


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