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Dec 7, 2010- Rainy Day Gift Guide: More Kitchen...

Yesterday we posted Part 1 of the RainyDayKitchen Holiday Gift Guide. The focus was on Ginsu knives and how much they have changed since their infomercial days. Today we finish things up with a few more hand-picked kitchen related gift suggestions.

We have been slowly shifting toward cleaner and healthy living practices, like eating less meat and more fruits and vegetables. One thing we would like to start doing is drinking more vegetable juices. Juicing is probably the easiest way to "eat" healthier. All that is needed are just two simple tools, a quality centrifugal juicer and a powerful blender. We already have a great blender. After some research, we think we have found an awesome juicer at a great price.

We liked the Breville Juice Fountain Plus because it has an extra wide 3" chute for fast feeding of fruits and vegetables. From what we've read, a heavy-duty motor is the key to a durable juicer. The Breville has a 850-watt dual-speed motor which can spin the filter basket at up to 12,000 RPM. The fast speed will make short work of hard fruits like apples and peasr, while the slower speed is perfect for the softer vegetables. A juicer is the perfect gift for anyone interested in healthier living. We got the Breville Juice Fountain Plus from EverythingKitchens. BTW, it is currently on sale there for $140.

Another way for cleaner living is to stop spreading germs around. Do it with a hands-free soap pump from simplehuman. Their new and improved sensor-pump is now compatible with a wider range of soaps, sanitizers and lotions. It is the perfect tool for dispensing soap, lotion, or sanitizer without the worry of cross-contamination.

Got someone on the list who loves being tidy? They will adore this step can. The domed lid, high-polished pedal, and flared side handles gives the little can a fun, retro look. The smaller 3-liter size makes this can a perfect fit in tight spaces like under a desk or in a bathroom. Modern features like the strong, steel pedal and fingerprint-proof finish compliment the retro design and ensure that this step can will last for years.

Composting is a great way to turn waste into "garden gold." Make the composting process clean and easy with simplehuman's new, odor-absorbing stainless steel compost pail. The compost pail is great looking and small enough to sit on the kitchen countertop. So it is alway ready for those egg shells, coffee grounds, and food scraps.

The DaysAgo Digital Day Counter is the first and only digital day counter that attaches to a variety of surfaces with a magnetic or suction backing and counts up to 99 days. It's a simple gadget that is re-usable, versatile and helps save money. You can use it on food containers to let you know how many days ago you opened it, closed it, tried it, sauced it, grew it, etc. It eliminates the doubt about when to throw it out. The many unique uses of the DaysAgo make it a great RainyDayKitchen stocking-stuffer.

We know that not everyone loves to hang around the kitchen as much as we do. Some like to tinker around in the basement, work on projects out in the garage, or putter about up in the attic. Come back tomorrow and we'll have some unique RainyDayTools recommendations to wow the DIY-ers and Fix-It folks on your gift list. Remember, we wouldn't make the recommendations if we wouldn't want them under our tree :-) Happy Holidays! [Permalink] -Holiday Gift Guide: More Kitchen

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